Gate and CC 9

If you can't, don't expect us to.
If you can’t, don’t expect us to.

Gate 9 … so the Prime Minister or someone big is being more-or-less blackmailed into having the Special Forces withdrawn from guarding our guests, so that some other country can “invite” them somewhere.  This is the kind of power-play I’d been expecting from the series nearly from the start, and I’m glad to see it, but what was all that business about resigning, so they’d have no power over him?  Didn’t understand that at all.  Apart from that, I like the situation very much.  The bad guys (who have names from three or four different ethnicities, so we don’t know who they work for) are moving in, while Rory driven by her battle-sensing lust, makes a play for Youji.  What will she do when the bad guys arrive?  Do the bad guys even know her talents?  Hopefully, they’re in for an unpleasant surprise.

This part I understood.
This part I understood.

Before that it was a pleasant enough episode.  The girls are taken to various places in Tokyo, but the show doesn’t overdo these scenes.  Even the obligatory hot spring scene was better than it could be, thanks to the ex-wife’s explanation as to why she both married and divorced Youji.  Youji’s meeting with Defense Minister Kanou was completely unexpected.  Make me wonder a bit about Youji’s success, though I’m sure that wasn’t the show’s point, and how much the show isn’t telling us about what Youji knows.  Though he doesn’t seem to be too knowledgable about the bad guys creeping in.  You’d think he’d be able to read Rory’s behavior by now.  Good episode.  I hope the next one isn’t as depressing as the preview makes it out to be.

Classroom crisis 9 has plenty of intrigue too, but here the political is mixed in with the corporate, and I actually understand it a little better.
Basically, the Seinen party’s rep, Furubayashi, is talked into defecting and joining the Oozora party, with the union’s full support, replacing Murakami.  We watch this scheme, orchestrated by Nagisa, from different angles.  We see Murakami’s rightful feeling of betrayal, Furubayashi’s temptation by a ministry position, Yuuji’s feeling of betrayal, Angelina’s amazement and dismay that Nagisa would do such a thing, the kids’ sense of betrayal, or something, and Kaito’s legitimate verbal smackdown of Nagisa.  And all I can do is wonder why?
Okay, Murakami has every reason to be upset, but he’s no better than any other politician in the running.  We don’t mind Yuuji being upset because he’s an asshole and a transfer off-planet is too good for him.  But why are the kids upset?  It’s possible they’re going to get their entire budget back, and they ought to have learned by now that people in positions in power don’t often behave well with that power.  As for Kaito, he’s disappointed that Nagisa would be capable of such a jerk move after the recent signs of humanity we’ve all seen.  This is a fair accusation (excellent speech by the way, cutting through Nagisa’s bravado by pointing out that he hasn’t made anyone happy, even himself, using a “A REAL villain would be …” tactic), and it makes you wonder what this show is really about.  Is it about the survival of A-TEC as we all thought, or the rehabilitation of one of its most dislikeable characters?  Maybe a bit of both.  But with Yuuji gone they traded the show’s biggest villains for a bunch of half-villains, including Nagisa.  And where does it go next?

6 thoughts on “Gate and CC 9

  1. From my understanding, the scandal actually will drag the prime minister down from his position, but since he choose to resign before he’s dragged down by the scandal, the people who blackmail the government can’t blackmail the new prime minister who will get into his shoes since the new one is a new slate.

    1. Um maybe if it kept simple it’s like this
      “Hey I know your scandal, do as I say or you’ll lose your positions.”
      “Oh, is that so? Ok, I’ll just simply admit the scandal then.” /stepped down from his position and lost his carrier
      /new guy stepped up
      “Do you guys need something else?”
      “… Do you have a big scandal or something we could take advantage of?”
      “As if! I just got this position last night you know?”

      Jokes aside this is what i get about current situation lol.

    2. Yeah, I got that, but it distracts from the main point. We all get that that the PM was blackmailed into withdrawing the SDF forces, but to have the show go on and have the PM saying he’s going to quit is an extra bit of politics, a distracting fact, that has nothing to do with the important thing: the bad guys creeping up on the good guys. Why put the PM’s future plans in at that moment?

      1. Oooh so that’s what you meant… I’m not implying you’re dumb at all, it’s just that sometimes I have random imaginations…
        Hmm, now that you’re mentioning that, I wasn’t bothered because it’s just tiny bit of conversation.. Maybe it’s simply to show the audience that the bad guys can’t pull of the same trick again in the future?

  2. No worries! I didn’t make myself clear in my post.

    As for your thought that the bad guys might not be able to pull that off again, I think the bad guys won’t care too much. They’ll try something else next time.

    I actually think that the Japan side, politically speaking, is more interesting than anything going on in that fantasy world. I wish they’d go into it more.

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