Nines: Charlotte, Shimoneta, Jitsu wa

Charlotte 9 tells us a hell of a lot, and they’re just getting started.

This song's lyrics were practically begging Yuu to get mental.
This song’s lyrics were practically begging Yuu to get mental.

We start with the Zhiend concert, Nao fangirling and Yuu amused, and then the actual concert.  The last song was pretty good and I was getting into it when Yuu suddenly screams and we’re in a flashback, though that’s probably not the right word.  Here, Yuu and Ayumi are in an institution with lots of armed guards, the very situation that Nao and everybody else feared might happen.  The show starts feeding us tidbits, like Yuu’s big brother who can do time jumps and is thus stuck in a special cell.  Also, Yuu has a power no one knows about.  Also, there’s a plot to do something afoot, but we don’t know what.

Not actually his secret super power.
Not actually his secret super power.

And then it gets worse.  Ayumi is forced to awaken and in doing so nearly takes down the entire cell block.  But at least she’s alive–for now, since she’s going to be dissected soon, so the plot is put into action.  Because we still don’t really know what’s going on, or what the consequences are, apart from death, it’s an exciting sequence.  And it raises other questions, such as what happened to Yuu’s other special ability, who those other people are and how much they know about this past existence in the regular one.  But apparently, back in our world, a lot of people were waiting for Yuu to get this part of his memory back, because he’s led to a secret base, meets his brother, and learns he can rescue Ayumi, which might be where the show is heading now.  Good of the show to play so many cards at once for us, but this episode left me a little overwhelmed.
Shimoneta 9 sets out to exhibit Kosuri’s growing dissatisfaction with SOX’s unaggressive (to her) actions, and SOX’s dissatisfaction with Korsuri’s more harmful approach to things.  This wouldn’t take too long, so they invent some failed attempts to catch Gathered Fabric’s minions and throw in the usual perverted behavior in order to fill out the 25 minutes.  For a while I didn’t know which side was working for who.  Okuma catches lewd boys, and Oboro–wait, turns out she’s a boy too–and Anna, while in his SOX lack of uniform, and no one bats an eyelash.  Odd to see SOX working on the moral side for once.  But the episode seemed to go nowhere.  Just the usual jokes, most of them bleeped out.  Though, as Okuma points out, Oboro’s lack of identity except how it revolves around Anna is a pathetic life to lead.
Jitsu wa Watashi wa 9 takes just about everyone out to the pool.  It was supposed to be a date, but you know how that goes.  There’s a little of the usual comedy, but mainly it’s Asahi teaching Youko how to swim.  And after the gang leaves the pool, the two sneak off to the school pool and practice some more.  … and that’s it, just a brief pause between story arcs to let them enjoy themselves.  It teeters on the edge of romance, but it seems that the two may not ready for that.  The only revelation is Kouko saying how much she enjoys school life now.  I think that was the point of the episode, and the creators didn’t want to inject any drama where it doesn’t belong, so we get a sweet, happy scene witn no bad consequences.  Though I wonder if we’re being set up …

2 thoughts on “Nines: Charlotte, Shimoneta, Jitsu wa

  1. Yuu’s brother is extremely sucpiscious, it’s even weirder than Tomori’s case. If he was aware of Ayumi and Yuu’s situation why he did nothing? After the time jump, the most logical act is contacting Yuu first, since Yuu’s “plunder” power is the greatest ally he could have, why did he choose roundabout method of making Tomori to do his bidding?

    My respect to Tomori dropped to the lowest level, for now she’s looks like a convenient puppet/pawn for Yuu’s brother. It could be that I’m being paranoid though.

    Oh and Yuu’s other power is “plunder/steal” other powers, it ties with previous episodes it seems. Remember that Tomori always let power user that have been “swapped” with Yuu off easily? Apparently after “swapped” with Yuu, they also lost their power, stolen by Yuu. Though for now it seems he still haven’t aware/awaken of how to use the powers he has stolen.

  2. Heh, all of these comments make sense AND smell of conspiracy theory.

    I think the brother was waiting for Yuu to regain his memories of the alternate past before contacting him. And there’s the thought that while Yuu isn’t incarcerated now, some people are paying close attention to him, so the brother had to hold off until now. Though I agree that there is something fishy about him. Maybe it’s just his smirk.

    I notice he’s blind. Just like the singer. Hmm … If it’s for the same reason, I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, since Sala was a force for good.

    As for Tomori, I just find it hard to watch her turn into a loyal, obedient subject rather than a headstrong leader.

    Hadn’t thought about your last paragraph before. I don’t think they meant to make a point out of it. They wanted the other kids to stop using their powers, and they did …

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