Tens: CC and Gate

Classroom Crisis 10 is sort of the reverse last week.  This time the bad guys do the double-crossing and the good guys meet with disaster.

Yeah, I trust these guys.
Yeah, I trust these guys.

I’m not sure I get what went down at the governmental and corporate level, and I don’t care either.  Nagisa is smacked down by the CEO when the vote to stop A-TEC funding comes up, and apparently everyone on the board of directors was coerced to keep sitting or don’t like Nagisa much.  And there’s the problem: I don’t like Nagisa much either.  I didn’t like him even when the show was attempting his face turn.  I didn’t like him when he did his power-play last week.  Not that I like his opposition.  I dislike everyone on the board, and those politicians forming coalitions to screw up the other politicians.  They can all go hang for all I care, and that includes Nagisa.
Meanwhile, Kaito and the kids work and work and get their test aircraft ready for launch, for added dramatic effect, at the same time the new coalition is announced and the shocked Nagisa is watching people not stand up.  You know it will all end badly because the background music is all nervous and scritchy.  We’ve got Iris in the cockpit, and, of course, she has another bad flashback at the wrong time.  Something about space debris.  How she got that far as a test pilot without this problem the show doesn’t bother to explain.  And the show decides to throw its big whammy at us: he is actually Nagisa.  But again, the family politics in this show turn me off and I don’t really care too much.  I DO care A-TEC, about Iris recovering her wits and not getting blown up …  Yeah, it’s a downer episode all around, but only one or two parts matter.

Since shows like CC are throwing downer episodes at us to prepare for big finales, I figured the same would happen in Gate, but instead ep10 a satisfactory end of the fetish symbols’ diplomatic and hot spring adventure.

Well, so much for THAT fight ...
Well, so much for THAT fight …

We start with the inevitable end of the bad guys sneaking up on good guys bit while Rory is coming on to Youji.  They had hinted that there were three different forces on the loose out there but I thought “Nah, what are the odds?”  I forgot that this is an anime series.  Soon the three forces are shooting at each other, and if that wasn’t enough, Rory jumps in.  Heh.  They play some somber Ave Maria-type music with a soprano, but it’s hard to establish a tragic mood when the soldiers are acting like Keystone Cops and Rory is slicing limbs off anyone the soldiers miss.

Pretty classy.
Pretty classy.

After that it’s sneaking out of the place and speculating what’s going on.  Since no one knows, they decide to set their own itinerary, heading to the Ginza attack memorial and then returning to the gate.  Bad guys are still around, but they’re rendered powerless because of the fanboy crowd, and we have an annoying introduction to Shino’s irritating reporter sister, but then we get one of the series’ most striking moments.  Before thousands of people who give them a clear path, the girls lay flowers at the memorial for the victims killed by their own people.  I was sort of reminded of the constant calls for Japan to apologize for the war; I wonder if the show wanted to make a comment about that … Anyway, the throng cheers and they return.  Next week we’ll start following Pina as she tries to stop the war at her own end.  Considering the Emperor, good luck with that.

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