Jitsu wa, Seiyuu, Biyori: Repeat 10, Teekyuu 58

I can't remember why Mikan is posing like that, but I like it.
I can’t remember why Mikan is posing like that, but I like it.

In Jitsu wa Watashi wa 10 I caught the phrase.  Mikan’s possessed glasses says it as she’s about to confess Mikan’s love for Asahi.  Trouble is, Aizawa was wearing them.  So now everyone thinks Aizawa is in love with Asahi, which she is, but she doesn’t want to say it.  The glasses thought they were on Mikan’s head.  Why did the glasses want to reveal Mikan’s feelings?  To bring her back to her un-heathen ways.  Why were they on Aizawa?  Because, because, er, she took them so that the glasses wouldn’t confess.  The glasses apparently don’t know whose head they’re on.  Earlier the glasses were stolen by Akane for no good reason except to move the sketch forward, people do a lot of silly things to hide their secrets, more evil cream puffs are made and devoured, and we learn that the 1000 year-old demon is something of an idiot, but we knew that.  Yes, it’s a complete mess of an episode.

Run, Rin!  Run!
Run, Rin! Run!

Sore ga Seiyuu! 10 features Rin, the nice middle-schooler member of Earphones, and because she’s so nice and quiet it’s sort of a dull episode.  Basically her advisor suggests she go to a high school where her work won’t interfere so much.  But that would mean leaving her BFF Sayo, the number one fan who has hearts in her eyes whenever she looks at Rin.  So Rin wonders if she should keep up with voice acting anyway, since, she claims, it wasn’t her choice (a lie–she might have been coaxed into acting, but she followed up on it herself).  She also gets the usual veteran actor cameo character advice, this time from Hiroshi Kamiya.  At least this livened things up.  I kept thinking of Araragi and what he would do with a cute middle-schooler, one who’s playing his imouto, and toothbrushes …  Sometimes I should be ashamed of myself.
In Non Non Biyori: Repeat 10, Renge learns to ride her bike.  She catches a cold, and we discover that she might be a math prodigy.  Those are the events.  Then there’s the important stuff, like how Candy Store, in spite of herself and her denials, worries about her.  Also, fall has arrived, so we get some nice foliage and everyone’s wearing jackets.  Oh, and Konomi plays with Renge’s mind with hilarious results.

Renge's mind being blown.
Renge’s mind being blown.

That’s about it, except to say it got rather painful watching Renge fall off her bike so often, even though they spare us the worst moments.
Finally, in Teekyuu! 58, it’s really cold.  But even lower than the temperature is the SPG ratio of 2.73, probably the record.  Good work, Snow Day Club girls!

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