Laplace 10, CC 11

Kobayashi doesn't say much this episode, but he has the best line.
Kobayashi doesn’t say much this episode, but he has the best line.

Rampo Kitan: Game of Laplace 10 is maybe the weakest episode yet, though it does deserve some credit for stretching out the obvious without me throwing up my hands and jumping forward.  Basically, Namikoshi’s abducted Kobayashi and tells him his life story, in the third person, which is basically a story of physical abuse by classmates and his parents until Akechi came along.  We knew much of it already from last week, only it becomes more absurd.  This Dark Star program that they created, a societal manipulation program at work, basically, bullshit about Laplace’s Dragon aside, can cause trucks to go out of control hit people who just happened to be walking there, and other equally outlandish actions.  And so the show, for me, takes a major hit.

Go, bright magical program of god!
Go, bright magical program of god!

Before, this was a show about criminal behavior, predicting it, and solving mysteries (well, and androgynous boys, etc).  But the Dark Star program doesn’t fit in.  It’s pure fantasy, a godlike piece of software that was programmed and runs easily on a laptop and is now running the story.  I can’t believe in it or its place in a tale about detectives and culprits.  However, the show can still play to its strength: Akechi catching Namikoshi and rescuing Kobayashi, though I suspect the boy might not need the help.  Kobayashi spent the episode asking questions in that curious voice of his; I expect he’s going to have something to do next week, unless Namikoshi pushes him off the tower first …

Iris and Mizuki fail to figure out where the plot is going.
Iris and Mizuki try to figure out where the plot is going.

Classroom Crisis 11 is one of those episodes where the good guys regroup after the bad guys triumphed the week before so we can get ready for the big finale.  Well, that sordid little event at the end might throw a monkey wrench into things, but I since Iris didn’t die last week I assume Nagisa won’t die either.  I actually don’t care for Nagisa enough that me might as well die, but anyway …  The only thing that I’m curious about is why Iris ran away when she saw Mizuki and Nagisa getting romantic; not sure what that was about.  And I’m curious about what devious plan Kaito has in mind, but again that attack at the end may make the point moot.  I also rather liked Li happily joining the military research unit; he’s an amoral bright-boy playing with toys.  But he also has very little to do with the story now.  Well, he might, but I can’t figure out what the story is anymore.  Is it about A-TEC?  Is it about Nagisa’s redemption?  The CEO’s downfall?  Kirashina’s corrupt past and present?  All of them?  One or two?  I don’t know where to look anymore.

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