Shimoneta and Jitsu wa 11

Kajou answers her phone and looks shocked at the end of Shimoneta 11, but there’s no doubt that the main story ended here.

Two of the desperate hostages.
Two of the desperate hostages.

It’s a typical action-packed anime finale episode. Okuma and Kajou barely manage to escape, and Gathered Fabric and Kosuri take the buses and hostages to the high school and announce their terms, which is more panties. It looks bad for the heroes, but the moment Otome sees the acrylic paint and gets a gleam in her eye I knew there would be a counterattack. She uses a splendid method to escape (had me fooled), Fuwa gives an inspiring speech, Okuma plans a strategy that only he can carry out, (don’t ask, but it does get Anna into the action), and meanwhile, Kosuri becomes disillusioned with GF’s motives.

The middle of the counterattack, the triumphant arrival of the, er, heroes.
The middle of the counterattack, the triumphant arrival of the, er, heroes.

It turns into one of those scenes where the bad guys threaten, only to be defeated by one good guy after another, rushing to the rescue and spouting an inspiring line as they do. Soon only GF remains, but a new strategy (zone two!) and the combined attack of the main characters ends the hostage situation. Meanwhile I double-checked to see if there was indeed an episode after this one, as Kajou, in a spotlight, natch, gives a speech to the cameras about dirty jokes and then rises above the school with Okuma in a balloon and declares her love. It’s all very inspiring and, believe it or not, sweet. And great fun to watch. Whatever you might think of the subject matter, this has always been a well-done, smartly directed show. I’m afraid that next week’s true finale will be an anticlimax after this one.


I’m pretty sure Jitsu wa Watashi wa is ending soon, too, because they’re setting up the big climax for romcoms: getting the pair together. The complication in this show is Aizawa’s “confession” last week, leading Youko to try and get her and Asahi together at the festival, while Shiho and later Mikan look on knowingly. Really, Youko’s plan is an excellent form of self-torture but she’s too dense to know this until things happen just as they should, with Aizawa on top of Asahi after another fall and making her own realizations. In the rest of the episode, for this all thankfully only goes for half, Akane does her best to knock some sense into Youko and be annoying about it at the same time. Maybe the festival scene should have gone longer, after all.

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