Finales: Rokka, Gate, Shimoneta, Teekyuu5

Rokka no Yuusha ends, for now, but not without a big belly laugh at our expense.


As for who the fake brave was:  I KNEW IT!  I KNEW IT ALL ALONG!  I KNEW IT EVEN BEFORE THE SHOW HAD STARTED!  I KNEW IT BEFORE THE BOOKS WERE EVEN WRITTEN!  I AM A GENIUS! …  Okay okay … It will be a little hard to write this since I don’t want to give it away, but I will mention that the culprit was revealed through more facts we didn’t know anything about, making this a lousy excuse for a locked room mystery.  I also want to add that I didn’t come into this series expecting to spend … how many episodes was it? … with all the characters sitting around trying to solve a mystery, with a handful of decent but brief fights thrown in.  If I had known, I might have spent more time paying obsessive attention to every single tiny event, not that it mattered anyway, since the show was deliberately not telling us enough to solve the mystery.

Oh god ...
Oh god …

And after they do get it sorted out, the show throws us a curveball by giving us another brave with the crest, meaning they’re back where they started.  A lot of people at that studio are snickering right ow … At least the barrier is down now and they can say “Fuck it!  Let’s get on with fighting fiends!” which is what most of us signed on for.  So stay tuned for next season, whenever it is, when the team will spend five episodes arguing over what to have for dinner.

Rokka might not get a second season, and I couldn’t care less.  Gate IS getting another one, and I’m happy about that.
The season one finale is more of a setup for season two.  It’s mainly the dark elf Yao going around trying to find a green person to help her clan rid their home of that fire dragon.  She finally meets Lelei after getting taken in on a false charge and Lelei takes her to the head green people, who say “Sorry, no.”  A question of borders.  They don’t want to have to explain themselves to the Diet again.  The only help might be Youji, if she can find him.  The story goes no farther than that, we’ll just have to wait for January.
I’m looking forward to it.  The show has already introduced some new side characters, more green people whose names I didn’t catch, who are sympathetic to Yao and admire Youji.  In fact, the show takes maybe too much time setting Youji as some sort of great hero.  Pina seems infatuated with him, the soldiers respect him …  Maybe the show is enjoying the contrast between his reputation and the well-meaning doofus that we know.  Well, he’s a good character, full of good qualities but seemingly unaware of them.  Really the best thing in the series.  The fetish girls weren’t bad, they have all staked out roles in the show, though I wish the world they come from was a little more fleshed out.  For instance, I kept wondering why Tuka didn’t have more of a reaction to Yao, who’s a fellow elf?  They could have done something there.  What’s the deal with Elbe’s border?  It seems like they just threw in fantasy things when the show requires them, and not because they wanted to create a believable world.  Well, maybe next season …
As I expected, last week’s Shimoneta was the true finale.  Episode 12 was just a filler episode where the gang are invited to a health resort and confronted by a villain named Black Peak, who, actually, wasn’t all that bad and lousy at Rock-Scissors-Paper to boot.  All he really did was steal their clothes and make them wear black underwear, no biggie in this show.  The episode felt introspective at the end when they discover an old, hidden monument to lewdness, and we are reminded that our heroes have a long way to make Japan free for dirty jokes again.

Our filthy heroes.
Our filthy heroes.

Even with the struggle only partly over, do we NEED a second season?  Probably not, but I’d like one.  In terms of storytelling and comic timing this was the best show this season that I watched, and the only one that made me laugh out loud at least once every episode.  I loved how most of the girls had a slightly crazy look about them, even at calm moments, Kajou’s sort of a wink-wink, Otome’s flat out crazy.  Otome became my favorite partly for this and partly for Satomi Arai’s trademark perverted voice work.  Okuma was a typical harem lead in a lewder-than-average harem, but managed to get his straight-man asides in without interrupting the flow of the story.  So if they want to make a second season and continue their struggle against morality, I’m up for it!  No jokes, please.

One more of Otome,
One more of Otome.

And, last but never least, Teekyuu!!


But there’s season six right around the corner!  Tears of joy!  THE GREATEST ANIME SERIES EVER is not leaving!  And they finish up season 5 with an excellent SPG of 2.73.  The story this week involves Kanae’s grandma who’s going to undergo Tommy John surgery.  She’s a rapper too!  Good finish all around.  I can rest easy now.

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