2015 Fall new shows 3

The title's letters are about to appear in an eerie way.
The title’s letters are about to appear in an eerie way.

We being this installment with Kowabon, another show trying to be scary in a short time span.  Episode one is basically a video chat between our POV girl, Sachi, and her friend Umino while the latter shows off some new clothes.  The connection is bad, nonetheless something’s kinda wrong here.

Looks like a penguin.
Looks like a penguin.

We don’t really know what happens.  Umino seems all right in the end.  Maybe Sachi gets it instead.  That’s part of the problem.  The work the creators did on making the video look “bad” made it hard to tell what’s going on.  When Sachi first spots another person in the room I couldn’t make it out.  As for the rotoscoping, I can’t pass judgment until I see them do an episode where they’re not faking a bad video.  However, it’s not a bad concept.  Just too soon to tell.

I don't remember but I bet the original series started this way too.
I don’t remember but I bet the original series started this way too.

Shingeki! Kyojin Chuugakkou, as you no doubt know already, puts the Attack on Titan people in middle school.  So we get a late for first day episode where Eren and Mikasa keep running into people, some with toast.  Then they go the wrong way and wind up in the titan school, then there’s the opening ceremony, etc.  All the while they’re recreating famous scenes from the show and mocking the characters’ reputations.

Wrong classroom.
Wrong classroom.

So if that’s your bag, have fun.  I might watch another episode, but how many famous scenes are there to recreate?  Even at 20 minutes or so the show will have to find something else to make us laugh.  They tried early with the run to school business, and it was sort of okay.  The giants eating all the school lunches wasn’t bad.  I just wonder if the show staying power.

That's a big P flying down.
That’s a big P flying down.

Peeping Life 1 brings us four inane sketches which feature characters from other shows standing around doing improvised comedy routines.  First we got Astro and his builder talking about girls, then Yatterman fixes Doronjo’s bike after a fight, Black Jack visits a doctor for the flu, and there’s a “dumb couple” who aren’t dumber than anyone else in this series.
Once I realized that the weird, drooping character movements and talk that goes nowhere was going to continue, I skipped through some of it.  Improvised comedy is hit or miss, usually miss, even when you’re riffing on famous characters.  We get way too much of the actors working around a situation with mindless words until they thought of a good line, and I don’t know some of these characters anyway.  I had to look up Doronjo (though I’ll say she had some of the best lines).  And the CGI bugged the hell out of me.  I might keep an eye on what characters they use and watch single episodes, but I don’t want a whole season of this.  Nice OP and ED, though.

Good to know where we're at.
Good to know where we’re at.

Next is Onsen Yousei Hakone-chan, about a hapless boy named Tohya who works at an onsen cleaning up, and giving offerings to get him closer to Haruna, his crush, and one day drops a steamed bun into a spring, and out pops Hakone, the goddess or whatever of the spring, and who’s heard it all.
The best thing in this short show is Hakone and her mix of practicality and greed.  She’s in the form of a little girl but is supposed to be an adult, something to do with dormant powers, but right now she acts like she looks, like a ill-behaved girl who’s powerful and knows it and wants to help people but isn’t sure how adults do things about it.  She decides to help Tohya mainly because he’s obviously such a loser, and says that to him–and to Haruna.  She’s a lot of fun.  Also the episodes are so short you don’t get time to get tired of her.

Komori strides down the school corridor.
Komori strides down the school corridor.

ANOTHER short next.  Jeez, how many shorts are there this season?  Komori-san wa Kotowarenai! is about a nice girl named Komori who is way taller than anyone else in her class, and I won’t mention her boobs, no matter how much the show wants us to pay attention to them.  She apparently can’t say no to anybody, and the first episode works off that premise for two minutes.
I understand this is by the same guy who wrote I can’t understand what my husband is saying, but after one episode I’m not sure it’s on the same level.  That other show managed to inject more human elements around its premise from the start.  But in Komori-san we see the basic gag repeated over and over and little else.  I figure they’ll start working Komori’s friends soon, so I’ll keep watching.

The gears of a big telescope.
The gears of a big telescope.

Comet Lucifer starts with a very confusing voice-over about birds weeping while we switch between two people, one old guy with a big telescope and the young guy (our hero, Sogo) chipping away for crystals, but not just any crystals, more like the one that he finds in his hand when a glowing thing comes out of the sky and clobbers him.  Sogo is elated because it proves something that his unseen mom said.  The forces in this cheerful-looking (apart from the huge hole in the middle of it where something is being mined) town are sent off to find … I forget the name, while Sogo is now speeding away with Kaon on his hoverboard while her husband-to-be chases her.  Naturally they all fall into the hole, or one like it, weird stuff happens involving a light show and a purple haired girl, and mechas come to kill everybody but are taken out by some NEW mecha perhaps summoned by the purple-haired girl.  Okay, I’m skipping a bit.  It actually makes more sense if you watch it.
I’m tempted to call the girl Eureka, but in reality that show and this one are mostly different.  They didn’t give much background this episode in favor of watching Sogo get excited about that gem and ride around on his hoverboard, sorry, quickboard.  There’s that line about his mother they haven’t explained yet, and even the gems and that girl are unexplained.  You see, other shows?  You don’t have to explain everything in episode one!  And because they didn’t explain everything I’m curious about the things they didn’t.  I figure the explanations when they come will be inane or confusing, but I’m used to that, and maybe I’ll to follow the Soga/Kaon/purplehair triangle they’re setting up.

3 thoughts on “2015 Fall new shows 3

  1. Triangle? After seeing so many story made by Japanese, I’m quite sure that the girl who knows the guy longer have dismal chance to win in a love triangle. After repeating this kind of template for countless times, I developed some sort of wariness toward this triangle setup/setting. I want to say to the girl “Give up early girl, you’re not the heroine, no matter what you have done that guy won’t care and will chase for the new girl that showed up recently.” /rant
    sorry for the random rant :’D

      1. It’s almost a staple I think… Since I have a soft spot for girl who worked hard for a long time I often find myself rooting for “childhood friend” type, but alas it’s almost always the new girl who wins. Well, I admit it’s effective as drama plot drive though..

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