2015 Fall new shows 4 … yes, I’m behind …

Yes, I’m way behind.  Sorry about that.  And I may not be able to catch up for a while.  For now I’ll put up what I have.

Concrete Revolutio is an odd thing that seems to be about superheroes keeping earth safe and people who try to keep the superheroes safe.

Nice sunny day to begin Concrete Revolutio
Nice sunny day to begin Concrete Revolutio

We keep flashback-and-forwarding, so it’s hard to say what’s going on, but it seems like a magical girl named Kikko, while at her day job, is enlisted to aid a guy named Jiro try and stop a scientist from selling data to someone, but then it turns out the scientist is BUYING rather than selling, the other party in the transaction is outed as an evil alien, and Jiro more or less outs Kikko in an attempt to stop the alien, or maybe they’re trying to lure a good superhero into the battle because he’s inhabiting a human body, and in the flash-forwards we see Jiro and Kikko in a different situation, maybe on opposite sides, maybe not.

It's a magical girl show!
It’s a magical girl show!
No!  It's a mecha show!
No! It’s a mecha show!

It mostly makes sense once you get past the giant robots, magical girls, and light shows it’s constantly throwing at you.  Unlike some other shows that try to dazzle you with strange stuff right from the start, this one gives you just enough narrative so you have something to follow while you’re being dazzled.  Even so, I sort of lost track at the end until they flat-out explained it.  Also, it’s hard to say where the plot is going now.  How far in the future was that flash-forward, and is that where we’ll start next week?  Maybe I’ll watch it and tell you.

Maybe the most hyped show of the season has been One Punch Man.  Does it live up to the hype?  Well, episode one was pretty entertaining.

One Punch Man's opening moment doesn't really describe what's going to happen.
One Punch Man’s opening moment doesn’t really describe what’s going to happen.

In case you don’t know, One Punch Man stars a superhero who can take out any opponent with just one punch. He got this way after risking his life to save a kid from a giant crab guy in underwear and realizing his regular, job-seeking life, was rather empty.  I love how they don’t give any more details.  He basically trained a lot.  But as he absurdly defeats one super-villain after another, he feels his life has become somewhat empty.  There’s a big fight near the end that seems to give him a reason for go on, but, well, this is a comedy show.  Among other things.

That's more like it.
That’s more like it.

So we got this ordinary bald guy who can’t be beaten thinking about his purpose in life, and we got big fights with all sorts of monsters and villains.  The fights are fun as hell, not only for the flow of the action and the animation but for OPM’s ordinary looks and the over-the-top villains.  It’s all so crazy that they destroy city after city and all I do is giggle.  Now, episode one works well for an opening, but it also could be a standalone with no part twos; if feels complete on its own.  What are they going to do for the rest of the series?  Bring in new characters, of course.  Hope they can add to the great but limited concept of episode one.
JK Meshi has three girls studying the French revolution, getting mixed up about it, and none of it’s very funny.  Also, the CG animation is so bad it’s almost creepy.  Then one of them goes to cook up a snack, and we realize it’s a cooking show.  And it’s about three minutes.

What's up with that arm?  Is it her's?  Is it out of its socket?
What’s up with that arm? Is it her’s? Is it out of its socket?

The studying part was a bore.  The cooking part was better only because there was food involved, but all they did was add fried tomatoes and ground sesame to miso soup and talk about its healthiness.  It made me want to try it, but they could have spent the entire three minutes on the soup and gotten rid of the studying.  Still, there’s food involved, so unless the CG keeps creeping me out I’ll keep watching.

The first season of Yuru Yuri didn’t do much for me, the second improved.  As for the new third … well, just like the franchise as a whole, it’s some good some bad.

Yuru Yuri 3 begins by looking down at things.
Yuru Yuri 3 begins by looking down at things.

The first sketch was the best.  The girls start playing the king game, and Chinatsu plots to be king so she can have … whoever it is kiss her.  Part of my problem with the series is I can never remember who has a crush on whom.  But the scene reintroduces all the main characters and reminds us of how devious and greedy they can be, and it’s a good way to start.  The second sketch involves cooking in home ec class and isn’t much, and the third one, where Akari (the dullest of the lot) meets a little girl in the park and tries to act grown up.

Hey, girls!  Look alive!  It's a new season!
Hey, girls! Look alive! It’s a new season!

All the while I kept waiting for my two personal favorites, the teacher who blows stuff up and the SC prez who speaks too softly for anyone to hear, but they don’t show up.  As for the rest, it had its moments, like Chinatsu’s shoujo manga fantasy.  Kyoko has her moments as well.  I liked the masochist cider bit.  I don’t remember the music being so laid-back with undertones of jazz …  Other than that, nothing much has changed.  I’ll wait for the show to add its crazier elements and decide then.

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