Fours: Asterisk, Owarimonogatari, Cavalry, Comet L, and Teekyuu 63

Gakusen Toshi Asterisk 4 follows up on the “I’m here to protect Julis!” statements Ayato made last week before he jumped off that impossibly high place.  Knowing that, we watch the showdown between Julis and Silas (Lester’s sidekick) with little interest, knowing that Julis would kick butt for a bit, then find herself in a bad situation, whereupon Ayato would come in like the cavalry (not the show).  Which is exactly what happened.  I was more interested in a Lester/Silas battle.  Silas is a friend who betrayed Lester, after all, and it would give Lester and Julis a chance to team up.  Which didn’t happen.  In fact, after the cavalry came Lester was completely forgotten under that pile of dolls, or perhaps burned to a crisp by Julis’ fire attack.  Such is the lot of the aggressive thug in such shows.  We get some more backstory about Ayato’s restraints, some more tsun turning to dere action, and next week a new villain and a new harem girl, perhaps.

The wasn't as much pollution there until the girls started fighting.
The wasn’t as much pollution there until the girls started fighting.

The big impression I get from Owarimonogatari is that Araragi is having a very intense day.  First of all Hanekawa, I think, suggests that both Sodachi and Senjougahara, both missing from school since you know when, need visits.  Araragi is put on the spot over which girl he should see (girlfriend or mortal enemy).  If that wasn’t intense enough, on the way to Sodachi’s (not sure Senjougahara would approve of that choice, or I, for that matter), he meets Ougi, who tries guilt tripping him over a prearranged date, then insinuates her way into his visit with Sodachi.  If that weren’t bad enough, Hanakawa suddenly appears, and he has to witness the two girls calmly, verbally sparring over whom he should take with him.  The verbal duel was excellent, pure grade Monogatari stuff, and Hanakawa wins by, she thinks, by appealing to his baser motives, though Araragi denies it.  And I think the reason he chooses her is a third reason.  He understands her better and trusts her more than he does Ougi, who seems more threatening than ever this week.  And if Araragi’s day wasn’t intense enough, he now has to visit Sodachi, who opens the door with a voice of pure loathing.  Well, she’s in her pajamas.  Have fun, Araragi!
Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry 4 was pretty much as expected, so not much to say about it.  A couple of points … Nene, that half-assed commentator started talking about a specific power that Ikki has, “Perfect Vision” I believe, but for some reason Ikki seemed completely unaware of it.  He was too buy getting shot by arrows that should have incapacitated him and figuring out where the shots came from, nearly getting killed before Stella yelled out some encouragement.  Maybe someone ought to tell him that he has this super power, though only being able to use it after taking so much punishment makes it difficult to use.  Also, what’s the deal with Alice, who just goes around saying sensible and astute things.  Are we going to get some backstory about him some day?  Not to mention Shizuku.  And finally, what a bunch of cruel vultures who go to that school, chanting insults at the guy losing the fight.

There was too much of this.
There was too much of this.

Comet Lucifer 4 sets up the new arc with some silliness involving preparing for a typhoon, the father panicking about it, leading us to expect some backstory which never materializes, indeed, the show seems to forget all about it.  And an annoying dancing vegetable sequence via Felia.  Also some mecha screwing up, and a cow who just stands there.  The only bit of info we get is Souto talking about a red crystal and where it could be.  Meanwhile, the bad guys are planning their move and we basically wait, impatiently, for the nonsense to end and for them to get about it.  When they do it’s a disappointment.  They just grab Felia and toss her in a car.  This show does chases well, so maybe things will liven up when Souto gets on his hoverboard and chases Felia down.
Finally, Teekyuu! 63 managed to push it’s SPG to 2.8 by combining visual jokes to the lightning-fast wordplay.  Frankly, it’s almost too much I didn’t catch some of the jokes until the third time around.  Good thing this show’s only 2 minutes long, 1:30 if you cut the OP.  Anyway, it’s about making valentine’s day curry, er, chocolate.  Don’t ask me about the Judy reference.  I just don’t know.

2 thoughts on “Fours: Asterisk, Owarimonogatari, Cavalry, Comet L, and Teekyuu 63

  1. You seriously want to tell us you expected Stella to yell the ugly peanut gallery to the ground, essentially confessing in front of a few hundred people? And to have Ikki straight-up return the confession afterwards? And to have Stella accept it? In episode 4?

    If you say so…

  2. Stella’s outburst was echoing, so maybe one of her powers is sound amplification. Those were pretty good screams too. No wonder the crowd shut up.

    As for the romance, I don’t really mind if they get to it quickly. Rather a relief. Now they concentrate on other things.

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