Quickly, Revolutio and OPM 4, Teekyuu 64

Going to hop on another plane soon, so here’s what I have for a couple days …

Ho hum another weird battle.
Ho hum another weird battle.

Concrete Revolutio seems to be aiming for a single big story made up of all the little things they casually toss in each week, but frankly the little things are just piling up and not building the structure they need for it.  Part of the problem is the time hopping.  Tossing in a quick date isn’t enough to give us a firm footing as  viewers, and the events after date goes off the screen don’t really help.  Jiro doesn’t have super powers, then in another time he does.  Who’s side is he on this week.  Same with the detective.  And while all this confusion may make the show fun to watch for some viewers, the rather bland stories of the week, with their hackneyed, overused little morals (this week it’s “Beasts are people too,” or something like that) don’t live up to the setup’s possibilities.  The only thing that I really liked this week was the guy raising beasts exclamation that beasts are an expression of our anger.  I could argue the same about any giant monster tale coming out of Japan, and if I did I would be grossly oversimplifying things.  But it’s refreshing to hear a character say it.
One Punch Man 4, not much to say, except that the two bad guys fought each other before they had the misfortune to meet Saitama.  This meant we had to put up with speeches and posturing from both men in the same battle, and wait for Saitama’s trademark battle cries such as “there you are,” “huh,” and “oh, really?” later.  Not that I’m mocking him.  His low-key approach to the verbal battle stance is a great response to the shouting and boasting the opponent does and one of the funniest things in the show.  Too bad they had to baddies fight each other first, because we had to wait for our fun.  Next week, Saitama joins a hero registry.  I can’t help doing a quick mashup of Concrete Revolutio and OPM in my head.  Would he work for Jiro’s organization?

Hanami prep.
Hanami prep.

Teekyuu! 64 features their annual hanami session, though they’ve actually never done it before.  There’s badminton, an old man, and a guy named Gomez.  SPG of 2.7–excellent, and I probably missed a joke or two.

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