Sakurako 5, Subete ga F 5, HO 6, 35th 5, Teekyuu 65

Well, that was a nice bit of holiday, so I decided to let a whole week’s worth of episodes go by before I wrote about anything again …
And when I do, with Sakurako-san, I find I have absolutely nothing worthwhile to say about it.  Except nice dog! and so who IS that character who tried to lead Fukioka to his doom through toxic paint?  I normally wouldn’t care–the show will get back to him soon enough, but that means going back to Fujioka and his terribly dull speeches about how much he loves his family and the guilt over the painting, oh, and now he’ll have the axe wound to add to his litany.  Victrims in mysteries, at least the lives ones, are so often the biggest bores.  And his wife chiding him and declaring her love for him isn’t much better.  And there will be flashbacks where the evil guy talks Fukioka into doing what he did.  Yeah, alas, we’ll meet Fukioka again.
I probably don’t have anything profound to say about Subete ga F ni Naru 5 either, just speculations and some contrasts the episode tries to point out, mostly between Magata/Seiji and Moe/Souhei.  Both women are younger, capable of speaking their minds, and are frustrated at their man’s inability to break free of the strictures society has placed on them.  Souhei is spot on when he rejects Moe’s offer to set him up in his own lab, though he then goes on with a bullshit spiel about how we all have multiple personalities but rein them in as we get older, and how it’s a more natural state to live as a multiple-personality child.  All, I suspect, because he is nuts about Magata and wants to justify her actions.  Moe gets pretty disgusted with him at that point, and I can’t blame her.  As for the Seiji’s rationale, I don’t want to know.
Moe’s frustration partly stems from the fact that Magata quite probably killed her parents, though I’m beginning to have second thoughts about that (the show is hinting that it’s actually Seiji).  Moe lost her parents too but it had nothing to do with her.  In this episode we see the first signs of her outrage that Magata would do such a thing (which sparks Souhei’s bullshit spiel, by the way.  Hard to tell exactly what he’s thinking), and the murders or lack of answers about it seem to be another mysterious act that she has no control over, so she overreacts by asking embarrassing questions to the director’s wife about Magata’s personalities.  The wife, obviously in a state of shock, answers truthfully while handing out cookies.  It’s the eeriest breakfast conversation scene I can think of.  All in all this story is getting more complex and interesting.

Not sure what the point of all this is.  Well, I do, but ...
Not sure what the point of all this is. Well, I do, but …

After earlier episodes in the snow and sea, Heavy Object 6 takes us to a dessert, with some terraformed jungle out there.  They’re to take out a rogue state’s .5 level object, but it’s hidden in the terraforming and Qwenthur and Havia have to go out and make sure there isn’t anything else there.  Of course there is, so it looks like peacekeeping is their primary aim this time.  This mostly happens in the final five minutes.  Before that we have talk about the political situation, talk about the second elite pilot’s measurements, Milinda’s “tuning suit” and her flute, and the reporters do some talking, too.  To make all this more palatable we get lots of fanservice throughout (Miniskirt Santa, the tuning suit, and a “Oh, it’s so HOT in this object!” scene) and lots of ogling noises from the boys, which is worse than the talk.  Oh, there’s a cute catfight with objects for not much reason.

Usagi spends a lot of time in this episode acting like this.
Usagi spends a lot of time in this episode acting like this.

35 Shiken Shoutai decides to have some fun with fanservice too, primarily with the new arc’s central figure, Usagi.  Apparently she’s in danger of flunking out if she doesn’t raise her grades, and a new festival the school’s installed will help with that.  But the exec committee chair, who’s running the thing, is Usagi’s fiance and she’ll have to marry him if she drops out, which he wants.  I guess the festival competition won’t be set up in the 35th’s favor.  Oh, also he’s apparently being possessed by Mephistopheles and is really evil.  Ouka’s been clued in on that.  And there are touching scenes where everyone rallies around Usagi to help, and there’s a naked scene, of course.  But what’s the point of that other squad the 35th are teaming up with?  How’s a bunch of nerds going to add to this series?
Teekyuu! 65 stars Marimo as she meets a girl named Tanaka in a candy store.  Since introducing characters usually slows things down, the SPG ratio climbs to 3.6.  It’s odd seeing Marimo, one of the goofy girls, play straight man to Tanaka, especially when Tanaka’s voice is calm and Marimo’s is Kana Hanazawa at her most manic.

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