Sixes: Owarimonogatari, Asterix, Calvary, Comet Lucifer

Owarimonogatari 6 feels a bit odd as far as this franchise goes.  I think it’s the extended happy-aftermath business at the end now that Sodachi knows what happened to her mother.  Long interior monologues from Araragi while the love theme variation of the ED plays in the background with simpering violins.  The final “what was in the letter?” bit at the end was an annoying aside and I have no care for an answer.  As for the mystery, it struck me later that Sodachi’s story, while bizarre, had absolute nothing supernatural to it, so maybe I was expecting something … weirder.  Better yet was earlier on, not only the extended trash-talking by Ougi (I kept wondering what Senjougahara would have done–probably broken another finger), which turned the character from disturbing and enigmatic to unpleasant and cruel, but the ten-second process Hanekawa goes through to think of an answer, during which her hair turns that black-white color that we saw in the Tsubasa-Tiger(?) arc.  First, I thought all this happened before those events, and second, why did she need to reveal her hair in order to get the answer about Sodachi’s mother?  We may never know.
Gakusen Toshi Asterisk 6 is more of Kirin, who quickly moves to fighting Ayato to becoming his training partner, while Ayato and others talk about what an asshole her uncle is.  Naturally, Ayato is especially nice to her and even Julis doesn’t seem to mind.  So it’s cute morning training sessions for a while until some other faction somewhere decide to attack them with fire-breathing doggies that turn into blobs and regenerate when hit, until Ayato and Kirin fall into a big hole that inexplicably opens up.  Well, it’s a pleasant change from all the heartfelt talk and blushing that filled the episode before.  Besides, it was kind of fun seeing the clumsy big-boobed Kirin turn into a formidable swordswoman when they’re attacked.
Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry 6 keeps up the similarities to Asterisk.  In this case it’s a girl named Ayase who starts training with the hero.  But that’s the only thing.  Otherwise it looks like this new girl, who gets some rather intense if innocent physical attention from Ikki, might wind up betraying him before they can compete.  It’s not a great setup because while we get why she wants to screw him up before their match, we don’t know, er why.  She has to win, okay, but we don’t know the secret behind it.  Was she aligned with the thugs before or were they always her enemies?  Well, I’m sure we’ll get the truth next week.  Bet it has something to do with both the thugs and his father.

The prince arrives!
The prince arrives!

While watching Comet Lucifer 5 I kept thinking that Kaon’s moods and funks over Souga and Ramon were dragging the episode down, but they added a nice twist at the end.  Kaon was muttering earlier about how she ran off during her wedding dress fitting because her prince never showed up.  Then, later, Roman dramatically saves her life in true prince fashion.  What’s more, it all happens during a wedding ceremony.  That was a nice moment, made a little sad because Kaon is putting two and two together and realizing that Souga is going to be taken by Felia, leaving her with Roman.  The other thing I was thinking was that you should never invite Souga, Felia, and Kaon to a wedding.  And finally, Moura sucks at fighting.

2 thoughts on “Sixes: Owarimonogatari, Asterix, Calvary, Comet Lucifer

  1. The only thing feels supernatural is the whole presence of Ougi… lol I think Hanekawa splash her head as a way to cool her head and meditate, in eastern parts of the world it’s something quite common; her hair paint simply washed off as byproduct.

    1. You may be right about the head-splashing, but I think the appearance of her two-tone hair is more than a byproduct. It’s indicative of something the show wanted to say about her at that moment, greater wisdom maybe.

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