Quick sixes: OPM, Sakurako-san, Teekyuux11

One Punch Man 6, apart from Saitama having to find villains to beat in order to keep his hero status, is more of the same, mostly.  Fortunately it’s still funny.  Learning that he has to catch a villain a week in order to keep his hero status, Saitama runs around the city looking for something to catch, frightening the civilians as he does.  He hasn’t quite figured out the comic laws in his world.  He just has to walk around doing his daily business and an opponent will show up, which is exactly what happens.  Saitama’s total guilelessness about these things can get annoying.  It took him forever to realize that he could get his status up by beating up the guy who wants to fight him anyway.  Most amusing of all is that heroes and monsters alike are now worried about the ghost town and the mysterious beings there, when it’s probably just Saitama.

In other shows this might be a romantic scene.
In other shows this might be a romantic scene.

The trouble with Sakurako-san 6 is that I had the so-called “suicide note” figured out from the start, and I was wondering why Yuriko was banging her head against the wall in the first place, much less Isozaki, who seems more perceptive.  Basically the setup was to set up the dilemma of whether to find this woman or not, whether to bow to her wish to die or try and stop her.  Isozaki made some valid points, though he was an asshole about it, and his briars growing ot of wounds speech made little sense, but Yuriko, working on emotion, had some as well.  What about the people you leave behind?  But finally Sakurako shows up and announces what everyone should have figured out from the start.  Best laugh came when Shoutarou pages Sakurako by calling her a lost child, which, in a way, she is.
In Teekyuu 66 the girls try their hand at making Udon to keep so-and-so’s restaurant alive.  Pretty good.  SPG 2.81.


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