HO 7, Subete ga F 6, Owarimonogatari 7

These two get away with a lot of stuff.
These two get away with a lot of stuff.

I’m going to punt on Heavy Object 7.  I didn’t understand Oceania’s evil plan to bring attention to itself by massacring its own citizens, or how Seewax screwed it up.  The bit at the end, with the boss looking at a bunch of child-clones (anything to do with the child that got killed in the battle?) looked good and sinister, but with my sinuses acting up it’s hard for me to work up an opinion.  What struck me the most was that Qwenthur and Havia could come up with the idea that the Sandy Bridge (isn’t that a CPU?) readings were a trap but no one else did, and that the military didn’t just send an object to both places.  Also, Qwenthur and Havia get away with a lot of shit, don’t they?
I was beginning to lose patience with Subete ga F ni Naru.  At the start of episode 6 Souhei and Moe leave the lab and rejoin the students.  Souhei is planning to leave the island and Moe is pissed off that he is.  They go through all the evidence in the bright sunlight (how does Moe get drunk on zero beer?) but nothing much else happens, and I’m waiting for some step forward in the mystery and wondering how many more episodes it will take before I get it.  But I guess it all was necessary to get to the point where Souhei decides to stay and solve the mystery.  So back from the wild beach to the climate-controlled lab they go.  Souhei making the same point about the contrast that I was thinking.

Oh, hi Yumiko ...
Oh, hi Yumiko …

But finally a little progress is made.  Moe notices that during Shiki’s grand entrance the elevator was changing floors.  How that works into things they don’t tell us, since we don’t see anyone coming or going unless it was done in the two-second blackout.  But at least it’s a step in the right direction.  As for the flashback near the end, I figured it was something like that fifteen years ago.  I sort of hoped that Shiki was completely innocent in all this, but it seemed obvious, dramatically at least, that the uncle was complicit Yumiko had either misread the situation or refused to see the truth.

After the mundane ending to last week’s story arc, Owarimonogatari brings back Kanbaru, and things couldn’t be more fun!

Great to see you, Kanbaru!  What the hell are you talking about?
Great to see you, Kanbaru! What the hell are you talking about?

I wonder if we’ll ever learn why Araragi asked Kanbaru to meet him, well, probably at the end of the arc.  Not that it matters.  Kanbaru starts with a flying knee to the face, shifts to a discussion of the proximity of body parts in general and what to imagine them as, followed by come-ons (obviously Araragi wants to ravish her, that’s why he called her out, right?) and a brief foray into the works of Shugoro Yamamoto and BL stories.  As usual, poor Araragi can only parry and act as straight man.  Maybe that’s why all the girls love him; he doesn’t hit back.  Anyway, it’s the Monogatari style, verbal and visual, at full power, and I watched with delight.
What’s more, after that there’s more action than what you find in a dozen regular episodes, mixed with the talk and Araragi’s thought process.  Before they can even start for the rendezvous point they are confronted by a giant suit of samurai armor.  Naturally Kanbaru knocks it to pieces without thinking.  Naturally they discuss putting it back together and who should do the assembling (I love this series!) but the armor is tired of talk and reassembles itself, and it’s energy-sucking means Kanbaru can’t hurt it.  Now, the flames that suddenly appeared were surprising enough, but Kanbaru muttering “Hanekawa?” was even weirder.  The armor’s story is more straightforward.  But no way did I expect Yotsugi to show up at the end.  Woah, the episode threw a lot of stuff at us this week …

2 thoughts on “HO 7, Subete ga F 6, Owarimonogatari 7

  1. Looks like you’re confused because of Monogatari’s anachronistic storytelling. They should use a date line of sorts like Person of Interest does…

    Current arc Shinobu Mail comes right after Shinobu Time, at the same time as Tsubasa Tiger, sometime before Ougi Formula. So this is right after Mayoi disappeared. Shinobu and Araragi are seperated. Kanbaru’s there because Gaen Izuko wanted to meet her and get her and Araragi’s help in a job in exchange for her help with Mayoi’s case. That bed Kanbaru found was where Tsubasa slept the previous night until Hitagi found her. Shinobu is with Black Hanekawa in Araragi’s room but they won’t get to the cram school until after Kako’s done burning the place down and noone’s there (probably).

    That should be enough to understand when we are. Here’s the chronological order if you need it: https://www.reddit.com/r/anime/comments/3bg90g/in_light_of_the_owarimonogatari_announcement/

    1. Thanks for the link. I figured it happened around the time of Tsubasa tiger but the only connection I could remember was the cram school burning down. “Oh yeah, I sorta remember that!” Too many monogataris to keep track of …

      So sooner rather than later we’ll have Araragi getting his shirt ripped up, because I remember that scene from Tsubasa Tiger when he makes his heroic entrance. I always wondered how the shirt got that way …

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