35, Asterisk and Cavalry 7, Teekyuu 67

How is Mari supposed to concentrate with people flying off of balconies all the time?
How is Mari supposed to concentrate with people flying off of balconies all the time?

The story arc introduced last week in Taimado Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai looked to be a longer one, what with Usagi’s getting transferred out, that asshole Tenmyoji to deal with, not to mention Mephistopheles, but they managed to wrap it all up in episode six, neatly with a nice ribbon … no wait, that was Usagi.  It’s one of those satisfying arc conclusions where the smug bishies get humiliated, the good person possessed by an evil spirit is told to get acting lessons when she tries to con anyone, in short, the things I usually hate in these stories were cut short.  There was no reason for it despite Ouka’s will, I especially enjoyed her resisting Mephistopheles at the right moment.  But above all I enjoyed Usagi getting over fear and self-loathing and disrupt two bad things happening (the wedding and the leap).  On the other hand, that magical design over the school business was inept.  We never really had a sense of it’s threat.  It looked like something Haruhi Suzumiya might have done to a field to attract aliens, but sloppier.  I suspect they stuck it in there just to keep Mari busy and out of the main story.

Here's Kirin looking more formidable than usual.
Here’s Kirin looking more formidable than usual.

Gakusen Toshi Asterisk has a lot of similarities to Cavalry, but this week it also resembles 35, with Kirin, another short girl with a dark past, self-confidence issues, big boobs, and a fondness for having the dominant male in her life pat her on the head.  Like Usagi, she chooses episode 7 to stand up to an aggressive, manipulative male in thumbs-up fashion (no biting, but she slaps his hand away) and then resumes her role in the main character’s harem.  As for what actually happens, Ayato deals with the monster in the sewers to the pleasure of the rival school peeking in, and then has a duel with Kirin, sort of a coming out party for the newly liberated character, which she loses.  One of those battles where they explain every special move they make before making it, while the other one goes “Oh, I see.”  Not as satisfying as 35’s story, but that’s because there was less at stake.
And with that, Asterisk’s latest story arc is over.  Over in Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry 7, the story arc continues.  This time the girl with problems who’s been training with the hero, isn’t a seemingly helpless little thing, but a young woman with some cunning, which is how she tricks Ikki into using his big final power by rescuing her, thus making him unable to use it in the upcoming match.  What’s more, Ayase rigs the arena with phantom sword strokes for him to run into, just to make sure.  It all leads to a less friendly and bloodier battle than Asterisk’s but with the same result, since Ikki has more than one super-power.  The girl is redeemed by Ikki, that is, she somehow regains her fighter’s honor or something, and so HIS harem grows a little, well, no, she’s not the harem type.  Anyway, now they have to go after the asshole who caused all this.  Overall, not bad, but routine.
Finally, Teekyuu! 67 slips to a SPG ratio of 3.91.  However, there was so much going on that I might have missed something.  The bald guy’s evil speeches slowed things down.  In the story, the girls put on a kid show, and justice is destroyed, thanks to a torn ACL.

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