Sevens: Comet Lucifer, OPM, Sakurako-san

Felia goes all yellow on us.  Good or bad?
Felia goes all yellow on us. Good or bad?

It looks like Comet Lucifer ran out of ideas on its way to the story.  What we get in episode 7 is more of what we saw in episode 6, except no one’s getting married.  They travel for a while, exchange some encouragement, the bad guys attack, Moura gets beaten up again while Sougo and Felia manage to escape, if you can call falling off a cliff when cornered by a bad guy an escape.  … That was actually one of the better moments.  Out of nowhere Roman’s mecha comes flying out of control, hitting the pedophile’s mecha just as he was about to nab Felia.  Utterly ridiculous, and fun.  After that they all wake up in a magic glade, probably the place they were looking for, and Felia gets all cosmic light on everybody.  At least it’s a change from inept mecha pilots.  And it’s about time someone figured out who Honeybee was …
It hardly feels worth it to talk about One Punch Man 7 so long after the episode aired …  The first half had the same basic flaw that the show often has: we’re just waiting around looking at the threat until Saitama decides to throw a punch.  Not that funny this time, as Genos isn’t terribly funny unless there’s some irony to what he’s saying or he had Saitama around to comment, and the Bang, the old guy, was too busy acting like the senior dojo guy he is.  The second half, where the uncomprehending and ungrateful crowd get egged on to harass Saitama was better, though it went on too long.  I wanted to know how Saitama would handle it, and I didn’t expect basically a “piss off!” from him.
Sakurako-san no Ashimoto ni wa Shitai ga Umatteiru 7 starts at Shoutarou’s school cultural festival and after some silliness about butler cafes, tosses that backdrop aside as Sakurako gets interested in a collection of bones a nutty old teacher collected.  And I was wondering if they’d be so tactless to stick a murder in a school festival …  Anyway, she starts to index the bones while Isozaki and Shoutarou find some personal effects mixed in, obscure old books with handwritten notes, a mysterious photo, that sort of thing.  So we settle back to see what they’ll figure out.  Then they up the ante with some human bones …
But it’s hard to say if these bones are the multi-episode arc’s focus, or the spark to another mystery.  Also, there are weirder-than-usual things going on in Sakurako’s head.  After letting poor Shoutarou know that she removed the bones from a cat she had and put them on display, we get the idea that perhaps the old teacher, Sasaki, had much the same idea with the human bones they found, that of an old housekeeper.  But before we can make anything of that connection the story shifts to Sakurako at a hospital bed, getting permission to work on an unsolved case from Masamichi, the person lying there, someone we don’t know about.  Again, we don’t know if the mysteries are related or that Sakurako was prompted by the discovered bones and some buried emotions to investigate another mystery.  And the show isn’t about to tell us this early.

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