Owarimonogatari 8, Subete ga F 7, HO 8

Yet another girl demonstrates the great esteem she holds for Araragi.
Yet another girl demonstrates the great esteem she holds for Araragi.

There are episodes that aired earlier than Owarimonogatari 8, but nothing as good, I reckon, so it jumps the queue.  I’ll get to HO and those magical-sword-HS-harem shows later.  Having said that, episode 8 has a lot fewer surprises than last week’s, and unfortunately I have to remember the plots to all the previous and concurrent arcs to catch it all.  All I can say is that we start with a nice conversation between Araragi and Yotsugi, primarily about the promise the former made to deliver the now-sleeping Kanbaru to Gaen for whatever reason, and Araragi’s reluctance to do so–guilt over breaking a promise vs. guilt over endangering Kanbaru, who, frankly, is in enough danger just being around Araragi.

I don't remember that.  Did we see it?
I don’t remember that. Did we see it?

And then we shift to a getting-lost sequence, and of course Mayoi comes to mind, also that suit of armor, who may have caused it.  Meanwhile we get another conversation, and still another when Araragi calls Gaen for help.  She knows everything but doesn’t tell them anything useful.  We only get information we need when they reach the meeting place and find not Gaen but Shinobu, and we learn she and Araragi have been separated somehow and need to get back together, but they’re interrupted by another strange being.  Through it all I try to remember the old series–I don’t remember if or when Yotsugi and Shinobu teamed up, and the connection to Tsubasa Tiger.  I remember the darkness stuff, and Mayoi passing on, but, sigh, this arc is piling on too many references for me to follow it.  All I can do is enjoy bits like Kanbaru freaking out over Shinobu.

Subete ga F ni Naru 7 throws a surprise at us that seems obvious now, but I confess I didn’t see it coming.

The effort to speak in English sucks out any emotion this moment was meant to have.
The effort to speak in English sucks out any emotion this moment was meant to have.

It starts the way most of the recent episodes have, with Souhei wandering around, sitting, smoking, muttering, before finally visiting Miki, Shiki’s sister, who the show has been hiding from us all this time.  I was surprised I was there.  Then I was annoyed at the English they were speaking.  I assume Miki is fluent at it, but both of them have stilted accents that sounds like actors reading lines on paper.  That wouldn’t be so bad, but their vocabulary is too sophisticated and they make no grammatical mistakes at all.  That threw me off so much I have a hard time remembering what they were saying, except that the idea that bodies are shells comes up again, as does the concept of dolls.
Meanwhile, Moe is having a more interesting time.  After being hit on by Shimada, one of the lab girls, she gets shoved into a pod which makes her thoughts visual, or something like that.  While cavorting with Souhei in her dream world, Shiki intrudes, and some of what we’ve been hearing about starts to make sense.  Looks like she uploaded herself somehow, like Motoko in GitS maybe, or maybe this is a backup self she made.  Alas, Moe is so shocked by all this that she doesn’t ask any questions, like “Who killed you, or who killed your shell if you like?” or “Who killed the Uncle?” Instead, she finds herself on the receiving end of more questions about her own parents’ death.  The fact that Souhei was there with her in the flashback, supporting her, brings up a lot of interesting thoughts about Moe’s character, but damn it, she had the perfect opportunity to solve the mystery and she let it slip away …  Well, I suppose I can’t blame her.

And so another heavy object gets blowed up real good.
And so another heavy object gets blowed up real good.

Heavy Object 8 makes a little more sense now since it went into straight-up practical strategizing.  First, however, the show has to make sure Milinda doesn’t interfere with the show’s main theme, that little guys can beat big guys if they’re cunning.  So they have that allied object block Milinda’s way.  Then it’s our two heroes thinking up a plan for the .5 HO, well, Qwenthur does the thinking and Havia just acts as a fellow grunt making grunt comments.  At least both of them have the courtesy to realism to nearly get themselves killed this time, though their answer seems a bit ridiculous.  I know water can conduct electricity, but I’m not sure it works the way they had it.  Then the episode completely confuses us with a flash-forward to a completely different battle, just so they can get that asshole politician out of the way.  I thought he was going to be the long-term villain …

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