Comet Lucifer, OPM, and Sakurako-san 8, Teekyuu 68

Comet Lucifer 8 goes from blood death and getting slaughtered to happy la-la new-agey unicorn lands without the unicorns.  For the former, we have lots of flashbacks of Do Mon.  We know he was a grizzled soldier and allies with Gus, and now we know he used to watch over Sougo’s genius mother and obviously had a thing for her.  Then we see her get blown up by bad guys, and next week I assume we’ll see him adopting Sougo.  So there’s a grimness to him that makes him slug Sougo when the boys insists on protecting Felia, and that leads us to the la-la bit.  Moura and Sougo make a pact to protect Felia and so Sougo gets a hippy view of the universe and Felia’s part in it.  I’ve actually heard theories about life on Earth based on Moura’s story, that is until he gets to the part about one person being the living embodiment of a planet.  There’s a perhaps unintended contrast between Do Mon’s role of the mom’s protector, and the role that Sougo is taking up now.  Maybe Do Mon shouldn’t have hit him so quickly.
One Punch Man 8 is the first where the annoying consequences of the premise overwhelmed the episode.  As I’ve said before, maybe, the big gag of the series is Saitama throwing his punch, which takes all of a second unless he has some ground to cover.  The rest of the time is spent with the bad guys posturing and the other good guys posturing and getting beat up until Saitama gets there.  This week we had some fish-king villain, nothing terribly exciting about him, and some new heroes like Puri-puri Prisoner with their schticks that got old long before the episode ended.  Meanwhile, Genos and Saitama run around looking for the action, and I began to drum my fingers…  And then I got seriously pissed off when the episode ended and Saitama still wasn’t there.  And even though Genos did, there was no time for him to fight before time ran out.  This show doesn’t have the setup to sustain a two-parter!  What were they thinking?

Another bone nut.
Another bone nut.

Sakurako-san 8’s arc conclusion gave us a nice though not unprecedented twist, but the delivery wasn’t terribly interesting.  Shoutarou and Sakurako go and deliver Sasaki’s effects to her sister, Sayuki, who, getting into the morbid spirit of bones along with Sakurako, is disappointed that there wasn’t baby bones added to it.  They find the baby bones quickly enough, and with a lucky circumstance involving toes, unravel more of the mystery, which was more of a regrettable and melancholy series of events and memories than a crime, all of it conveyed by talk.  So not terribly interesting to watch, though I’m relieved Sakurako didn’t do her transformation sequence this time.  As for that guy in the hospital, it was unrelated to this story unless it has something to do with those two cats.  About the only notable thing this week was Shoutarou using some solid insight about them; even Sakurako was impressed.
Teekyuu! 68 retells the Cinderella tale with Yuri as Cinderella.  Three guesses as to who played the rich stepsisters, all 245 of them.  Not bad.  SPG ratio of 2.0, and there might have been some visual gags I missed.

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