F 8, HO 9, 35th 8


As for Subete ga F ni Naru 8, well, I still think the jury’s out on Shiki uploading herself. The show, through Shimada, does its best to convince us that anyone could have faked her “appearance” thanks to voice files. And it would mean a different show than what we thought, but I haven’t thrown out the idea. Elsewhere, we get the institute switching from Red Magic to UNIX, which frankly sounds pretty hard. There’s more talk to no end, until, in the dark, Souhei has some sort of breakthrough, which we know must be big because they show us those images of aborigines again, plus some other strangeness. But of course he isn’t letting anyone in on it yet. There’s also the thought that the two murders are unrelated, that is, different murderers with different motives. And Moe helpfully says people could get up and down floors with a rope (what about her elevator insight? Forgotten this week). There’s a touching sunrise conversation. And they play that Bach cello piece. I guess we’ll have to wait until next week before we get any more clues. But if Shiki did upload herself, did she just die when they switched OS’s?

Qwenthur doing his usual thing.
Qwenthur doing his usual thing.

It’s getting colder here, so the last thing I wanted to see was another Heavy Object story arc in a cold place. Yet in episode 9 there they are in Antarctica. The good news is they wrap it up in one episode. Evidently all they really wanted to do this episode is introduce Havia’s bethrothed, some pretty blonde thing from another rich family–that Havia’s family is supposed to hate. I’m sure that angle will be explored sooner or later. Anyway, our heroes encounter terrorists, fanboy over penguins with said terrorists (the episodes stupid cute moment) get shot at blow up a lot of ice, nearly get blown up by guns, etc. It leads to them deciding to screw up a mission to kill an asshole because it would also kill the bethrothed, our moral puzzle of the w

I liked Ikagura before, but now I think I'm in love,.
I liked Ikagura before, but now I think I’m in love,.

Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai 8 confused and bored me at times, but at the end I was satisfied with the story arc. My interest went up when Ikagura met Isuga and we never saw that little shiny green lost matrix gem. Instead, Ikagura opens her shirt (yet again) and transforms into a dark elf. So she was able to crack the code. What’s more, we later learn that Alchemy or Valhalla had managed to build a big dragon, all part of the confusion for me. But it gets clearer when we realize Ikagura was there to rescue her clone-sister. This was all very good, but outside the tower we had a dull battle with Takeru going against mecha run by we don’t know who, though in the dark they looked exactly like the ones Outori sent to attack, meaning they were on Takeru’s side, so I don’t get what the fighting was all about. Still, we learn that Ikagura is a lot more interesting than the show was letti

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