Our two mystery shows reach episode ten

Gotta love Sakurako's people skills
I guess this is the “bad cop” strategy.

Sakurako-san 10 looks to be the start of a nice, juicy detective story. We find out early on that Hitoe, one of Isozaki’s students, has gone missing. That makes her the second of a trio of former students to vanish, and Isozaki blames himself. And so he, Sakurako, and Shoutarou going from one girl’s family to another (both of them unpleasant), where they actually find tangible clues we can understand, such as teddy bears, receipts, and empty cell phone battery boxes. So far at least, nothing involving the esoteric knowledge of bones that give her an unfair advantage. And it’s fun to watch Sakurako bully and insult the losers that pass as the girls’ parents.

Minami's people skills aren't bad either.
Minami’s people skills aren’t bad either.

On the other hand, we pretty much know what’s going on. Some psycho painter probably seduced and offed Futaba and is preparing to do the same to Hitoe. Minami, though another girlfriend, somehow wasn’t a victim–maybe she made the right choices; we don’t know yet. So we watch and wait for the heroes to locate the cabin, which means getting info out of Minami she doesn’t want to give. I suppose it’s still a mystery, but it feels more like a police procedural at the moment. Well, that’s okay too. And we’ll get to the bottom of what Shoutarou said at the end about Sakurako and Minami in the house next week. Knowing Sakurako, you can only wonder.

In Subete ga F ni Naru we get to mostly the bottom of the mystery while I’m trying to figure out the logic of a crazy woman.

A much more relaxing looking interrogation, even if it's virtual.
A much more relaxing looking interrogation, even if it’s virtual.

Much of the fun happens on a virtual beach resort, or in Moe’s case, an interrogation room, where she and Souhei hold conversations with Shiki. An odd contrast between the two. You could argue that Souhei is working purely through intellect while Moe is the emotional side; Souhei explains the concept of everything become F, or rather FFFF, whipping out hexadecimal code while Shiki smiles and nods, while Moe is stuck going “Why?! Why!? Why?!” a lot. Nevertheless, it turns out Moe was the one who screwed up Shiki’s immaculate plan by asking not-Shiki a very simple question at their first meeting. After that, Souhei and Shiki take a lovely virtual walk and swim, and we learn the rest.

Bye bye.
Bye bye.

And it all makes sense, even if it’s completely unbelievable. I thought it crazy that police wouldn’t have noticed something weird about the body, but I guess she only needed time to escape the island, so I’ll let that pass. But it’s this whole 15 years business. Shiki seems to be saying that kids kill off their parents after fifteen years, but that suggests that parents are useless after that, and she had no trouble reversing the situation when the daughter proved to be less crazy than she was. And there’s also Moe’s story to consider, though Shiki never seemed to know what to think of her. Finally, sealed rooms or not, I refuse to believe that a child could be raised in such a place with no one outside noticing. And that child would have more fucked-up than Shiki was. On the other hand, the people running the lab were pretty nutty, too …

Now, was this the final episode? noitaminA shows usually go 11 …


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