35 10, Owarimonogatari 11, HO 10

Meet Kiseki, who's not having any fun at all.
Meet Kiseki, who’s not having any fun at all.

Taimadou Gakuen 35 Shiken Shoutai seems more and more to be about every nice character’s skeleton-filled closets. Ouka, Mari, Usagi, Ikagura, and now finally it’s time to see what Takeru’s got hidden. Turns out to be Kiseki, a cute little thing with an onii-san complex and the power to destroy the world via, er, well, I didn’t get a good idea of what the inquisitors were saying, only that she could destroy the world. She escapes and finds Takeru, who at least makes a decent decision, to turn her back in, but not before they have a nice date. It’s a good idea. Kiseki is jealous of Takeru’s harem, but after meeting and interacting with them, feels comfortable enough that the only person she wants to destroy is herself. Possibly interesting situation. Is it because she feels Takeru no longer needs or loves her? Or is her wretched life in captivity that bad? Or both. I don’t think the show can make anything profound about it, but I’ll watch it try.

Owarimonogatari, with Gaen’s long monologues, fell into a rut. Episode 11, though with no less talk, maybe even more, is much better.

Disturbing words from the ex.
Disturbing words from the ex.

We start with Araragi’s conversation in the sun-dappled shelter, with, er, First One, Shinobu’s first minion. Basically he wants Araragi to step aside so that he can become Shinobou’s only minion again. He doesn’t have much of an argument, or at least when I try to think about it I can’t remember what it was. Maybe Araragi thought so too. This is the first time I can remember his reactions to a long-winded speaker being so purely negative. He doesn’t like First One at all, he sees no reason to step aside and let him have her, and he lets it show on his face. Not sure why. It’s been clear for a while that Araragi has some sort of love for that cute little vampire, so it might be jealousy (First One correctly comments that this is basically two guys feuding over a girl), or it’s his basic tendency to protect people he cares for, or both.


Anyway, after some unpleasantness and the reintroduction to a character, named Episode, that I had completely forgotten about, he goes back to the ruined shrine, gets pulled aside by Yotsugi, and witnesses what could pass as another discussion about relationships in general. Since Shinobou is ready to crush Kanbaru’s skull, it’s rather tense. Kanbaru is arguing that First One reassembled himself for 400 years in order to see her, so she should at least do him the courtesy of seeing HIM, even if it’s to say sorry, kill him, whatever. Shinobu’s “you don’t understand” defense gets weaker and weaker the more Kanbaru talks, especially after Kanbaru points out that for an inhuman vampire/minion relationship, Shinobu’s kind of acting rather human about the whole thing. The first time Kanbaru’s out-thought an opponent apart from on a basketball floor. And Araragi’s so impressed that he decides to give in and push the romance image one step farther, by agreeing to duel First One, naturally next episode, or later. With so much good conversation going on the episode has little time for anything else.


After watching a show that wallows in the sheer joy of good talk, it’s hard to watch Heavy Object and its long, unexciting infodumps, especially buoyed by the “hey-hey” soldier camaraderie schtick. And since it’s a new arc it’s even worse. Best they can do is have Qwenthur distracted by Milinda’s butt while the talking goes on. This time they’re off to find a HO that might not even be there, run by a rogue company pissed off that their technology (shooting spacecraft into orbit) was turned down by the much-cooler concept of laser guided space elevators. So we learn about this, watch Quenthur drool over Milinda and fried chicken, watch their CO do a pole dance (what a sick military this is), and blow up a lot of stuff that isn’t an object. And talk. And talk. Not Owarimonogatari level talk. Just talk.

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