Cavalry, Asterisk, and OPM 11, Teekyuu 70

The real Touka.
The real Touka.

Rakudai no Kishi no Cavalry 11 brings us to Ikki’s family problems again, when a fake scandal is pumped up by the knights organization and he’s brought in for interrogation, over a week of it and counting, with breaks to do his battles. It all follows a pleasant break where we learn what we expected, Touka is a big adorable klutz with a heart of gold (the glasses were the giveaway) and Ikki wondering what his own source of strength is. Turns out it’s not his family; at one point, Ikki thinks maybe he has earned some redemption and respect from his father, he learns it’s nearly the opposite.


He’s doing better than expected in the tournament, which might inspire underlings, which is bad for business. So he has to recover from that, find a new source of strength, and battle Touka next round, The episode makes it all work well. Everything to do with the interrogation is done in a blurry, black-white-red setting, and the scene with his dad is made more effective for it. Meanwhile we see the other characters, working hard and feeling a little helpless. The music’s a bit overdone, though. A little O Fortuna-ish.

Priscilla and the real Irene.
Priscilla and the real Irene.

Gakusen Toshi Asterisk 11, the more innocent of our two magical-battle-schools series, works further to change Irene from a dangerous killer to a crazy, spontaneous fighter who’s afraid of her sister. Actually, they did that last week. This time around Ayato rescues Priscilla from some thugs, and Irene thus feels obliged to pay the debt by telling him she’s going to destroy him tomorrow in the tournament because of his weapon. Nice of her. We also hears her story: basically she owes this Dirk asshole a lot of money. Ayato, being a nice, dull, harem male, starts to feel sorry for her. Considering they’re going to battle to possible death tomorrow maybe this isn’t the best idea, but we have to some issues for the battle next week. Also, Claudia tells Ayato about her own weapon and how it imagines all sorts of deaths for her, and she comes on to Ayato twice. I guess seeing a different death every time you doze can make you a tad clingy.


Often during an episode I’ll watch the clock to see how much time’s left because the episode is dull. With One Punch Man 11 it was with the hope that there’ll be enough time for Saitama and Boros to finish their battle. No such luck. This series is too good at stretching things before the inevitable, and they have an episode to go. Still, it was fun to watch. The S-Class bunch on the ground do a nice job with the seemingly invincible, er, Melzagard, holding off his attacks, finding his weakness, and working together to defeat it, well, there’s one head left. Nice to see that the S-Class gang aren’t incompetents.


As for Saitama, he wanders around the ship, doing his thing, while the crew there act like idiots, until he gets to Boros, the boss. I should have known the fight wouldn’t start until next week when Boros began telling his story, but it’s of course interesting to learn it’s similar to Saitama’s. No one can beat him, he got bored and traveled through the universe looking for the one who could give him a fight. Saitama might care more if Boros wasn’t trashing his city. I wonder what Saitama would say if a fortune teller told him his one true opponent was elsewhere in the galaxy. Probably “Oh, man I can’t get out there. Oh well (shrug).” Also, I wonder if he’ll get any credit for beating Boros next week. Probably not. Sadly, that’s part of the joke for this series.


I’m a week behind with Teekyuu!, but will save the gloriousness of ep71 for later. As for #70, they actually play tennis! It’s their annual practice, you see. There were a couple of second-long lags, so it drops to a SPG ratio of 3.00, still impressive.

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