Finales of the season’s best shows (in my opinion): Owarimonogatari, OPM, Teekyuu!

Owarimonogatari finishes up a little sooner than I thought, or hoped.


Why is it I have so little to say about the shows that are finishing up this season? Let’s see. There’s a sweet conversation between Araragi and Senjougahara, a reaffirmation of their love that made both happy in their particular crises and maybe added a little twist to the duel between him and, er, Seishiro, the first one, over who is Shinobu’s #1 minion. Senjougahara says she would dump Araragi if a better qualified man came along, because there is no such thing as an absolute bond. You have to work to keep the ones you love. Yet that’s pretty much what Seishiro claims to have with Shinobu, even if she even refuses to appear before him. Meanwhile Araragi learns that Senjougahara AND Hanekawa are in danger, but I guess you have to work for one love at a time …


Not sure what tossing the sword into the fight was all about. Was she upping the ante? At any rate, it’s made ironic because the sword never gets to strike a blow, thanks to Araragi’s sneaky thinking and one of Oshino’s charms. Not that it was the point. Seishiro is melting, and FINALLY Shinobu comes out, to both say goodbye and devour what was left. As if she could only come out when she knew the matter had been settled and was past her influence. At least she was nice about it. And after that I presume Araragi showed up as Hanekawa’s hero in her story, tattered clothing and all, and we’re left to ponder the last conversation, this one with Ougi, where he claims that his odd relationship with Shinobu doesn’t do anyone any good at all, even Shinobu. Yet he has no intention of stopping it, even if he could, just as he can’t stop with the other weird females in his life. As for why he explained this to Ougi in the first place, early in the morning of his college entrance exams, the show never really answered any questions about its featured character, did it? That’s okay. And next comes a movie, where we’ll get some Araragi backstory and yet walk out of the theatre even more confused than before…

One Punch Man finishes up as expected … heh.


One thing the show has done very well is depict the fights, and they saved the best for last. The Saitama/Boros battle was spectacular; tons of great visual bits, great hits, blinding explosions, yet you could tell at every moment what was going on, who was getting hit and where his body was thrown. To make it more interesting it appeared for a while like Saitama was losing … well, I don’t think any of us believed that. The question to the end was when would Saitama throw his punch. At only one point did it lag, when Boros started bragging about how superior he was, and, as usual, Saitama told him to shut up. Saitama reflects the anime fan in all of us who doesn’t need all the talk and wants to get to the hitting. Meanwhile, the other S-rankers dispatch the remaining powerful bad guy in satisfying, if occasionally dysfunctional fashion. Glad to see Silver Fang get the last marble.

Then this asshole shows up.
Then this asshole shows up.

That done, the show starts working on the inevitable second season, setting up rivalries and so. Genos is warned about Metal Knight, his possible arch-enemy, though he’s supposedly a good guy. That celeb hero Sweet Mask shows up to dis everyone in S-rank who was there and had done the fighting. You can imagine how that went down. And Tornado probably has a story arc coming to her, too. And so it ends. While Owarimonogatari was my favorite show this season, One Punch Man was the one which made me smile the most in anticipation. They took a superhero idea that seems extremely limited, stuck it in a comic story, provided enough strange characters at the right times to keep our interest, and gave us good commentary about the superhero business, not to mention great fights. No way there won’t be a second season; I’m looking forward to it.

One more punch, just for fun.
One more punch, just for fun.

Finally, the last two episodes of Teekyuu!, THE GREATEST ANIME SERIES EVER!


It’s a shame that all the girls couldn’t be around for this two-part story about Marimo, Tomarin and Kondo going on a space adventure. Also, the SPGs were 3.21 and 3.6 respectively, a little slide. I blame it on a three-second speech by Kondo in #71, and there was, believe it or not, a PAUSE in #72, yes, a PAUSE! Happily, the show has a chance to get its mojo back. The next season is right around the corner! I won’t have to kill myself yet!


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