Koyomimonogatari 2-4, Dimension W 2-4

Midway through this post I realized that with my more limited time there’s no way to catch up if I write about every episode, so I will say even less per show than I was before.  At least until I get all the way back …

Koyomimonogatari‘s short form is in a way a sort of relief after all the other monogataris out there, but I suspect I’m saying that because I’m still in a desperate game of catch-up. On the other hand, I’m not sure I want what seems to be the case after episode 2, that is, a small mystery that is wrapped up in thirteen minutes. I’m used to the bigger mysteries, and whatever oddity they had available. Episode 2, like #1, has no odditty at all, just some oddly-located bouquets of flowers that suggest a tragedy but in fact indicate nothing of the kind, maybe even the opposite. The speculation by Araragi and Senjugahara feels like its wasted, somehow. Well, the talk might not amount to as much as before (and monogatari talk can amount to everything and nothing at the same time), but it’s Senjugahara and Araragi doing the talking, so there’s fun to be had anyway.

It's going to be a good episode.
It’s going to be a good episode.

Episode 3 confirms my suspicious: I don’t think we’re going to seen an actual oddity in this latest series, just a lot of mysteries with different things behind them like reverse logic or natural phenomena. But at least this time we get Mayoi and Hanekawa. We also get a mysterious sandbox (I’m always a little taken aback when a strange presence like Mayoi can be weirded out by another strange presence) which isn’t so mysterious after all. I admired Hanekawa’s usual sensible logic: if the cause isn’t supernatural or outside interference, it should be completely natural. Also, we get trademark lines from both girls. I’m still a little sorry we aren’t getting a bigger story, but I’m happy enough with that.

Modern art, thanks to the W Dimension.
Modern sculpture, brought to you by Dimension W.

At first my heart sank when I watched Dimension W 2. It looked like this Loser fellow was going to be the first of a series of Kyouma captures, a “villain” of the week, but happily he not only escaped but will probably somehow help Kyouma in later adventures even though his motives–revenge against, er, Tesla I uess, might work counter to Kyouma’s. Still not sure who Kyouma is working for, well, for Mary I guess. But we learn something else is bubbling in his brain, what with that special unit he once belonged to and seems to be the only survivor of. He can’t be sympathetic to Tesla even with his odd friendship with Schuman, and he hates coils… Well, the accidental release of Dimension W on that curator is as good a clue as any. Too soon to tell, and the show is having a good time teasing us with things like “Numbers.” Wait for next episode. Oh, I have it right here …

Grand Guignol, courtesy of Dimension W
Absurdist theatre, courtesy of Dimension W

Episode 3 was for settling in and getting the situation stabilized. Mira gets a place to stay and interacts with the local kids, meanwhile Kyoma is off learning about numbers, and we start putting two and two together. Nice touch having one of the kids be related to a Tesla CEO. A decent enough episode for its type. Episode 4 is the best of the lot. While ghost legends mixed with murders aren’t exactly new to say the least, here we have the concept that the ghosts come from dimension W. This newly-discovered dimension is becoming a handy plot tool; you can create all sorts of different phenonemon and blame it all on the dimension. This week it’s ghosts and victims, and it’s by no means sorted out yet. We got one layer of reality resting on another one, and people who straddle both whom we call ghosts. They’re also nasty, so that makes it more fun.

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