Catching up: Koyomimonogatari, Dimension W, Teekyuu (somewhat)

First, Koyomimonogatari.


Episode 4 brings us back to Araragi helping to clean Kanbaru’s room, way back when, and follows it along with the usual come-ons and Araragi taking a bath and hearing a tale about Kanbaru’s father seeing a girl’s reflection in the water. When not part of a flow of larger things these little episodes seem inconsequential, even trivial, or rather, I should say that the regular story lines are littered with little trivial things like this story but we don’t really notice. Not that this new series isn’t fun to watch, they just don’t bear the same collective weight that the previous series do. But who cares? We have Kanbaru doing her thing and that’s good enough for twelve minutes.

She just got there.
She just got there.

I liked episode 5 better. Nadeko goes to Araragi’s house for a party to wrap up the Kaiki business. And among the blushing, underaged sweetness that is Nakeko we get a discussion on how rumors spread, while the popcorn metaphor takes us from a party to a movie. Then it’s Kaiki at the donut shop with Araragi and Shinobu, another little conversation that would have inserted itself before, after, or in-between that scene from Nisemonogatari, like a little digression before the characters take up the main theme again. It’s sort of fun to imagine these conversations snaking around the ones we’ve already seen.


While episode 6, in one way, ties in with the concept of rumors in episode 5. The tree that no one had noticed before was going to be chopped down because it’s scary, no one had noticed it before. Hanekawa comes up with a lie that the tree’s wood was used to build the dojo, so it would be disrespectful to pull it down. Not really the same as Kaiki’s theory of troubled hearts being the easiest to lie to, but the people in the dojo were in an unsettled state and thus perhaps more willing to listen to a lie. Araragi points out that maybe they had now made the tree an oddity–nice touch. And we have Karen physically and verbally abusing Araragi, and teasing us with fanservice, to open the episode.

After two weeks I'm a little hazy too, sorry.
After two weeks I’m a little hazy too, sorry.

I waited too long to get back to Dimension W. After two weeks the interesting mystery they were working on is completely lost on me. But I suspect I might have been a little bewildered anyway. The coils and Dimension W, not to mention the strange water, managed to keep an alternate reality alive. I suppose I don’t have to really understand that part, and the business about long-lost daughters didn’t interest me very much anyway. I will say that I think they could have taken another episode for this arc and made it feel less rushed. Also, I continue to be impressed by what an excellent plot tool Dimension W is.

I could follow everything in episode 6 except what the hell this girl is doing there.
I could follow everything in episode 6 except what the hell this girl is doing there.

The dimension doesn’t do much in episode 6; instead we get a lot of plot threads set up. Prince Salva-Enna-Tibesti-Kiss-Shot-Heart-Under-Blade (wait, that’s not right, just call him Salva), a big jerk from Africa, comes to Japan to secretly challenge people who won’t be scared into some event on Easter Island. We find out his motives at the end, the rest is Kyouma being befriended against his will by who appears to be Salva’s younger brother, plus we meet Tsubaki, Kyouma’s sister and apparently the only person he’s afraid of, and there’s talk of him finally wanting to face his dark past and the memories he’s suppressed. We also get hints of Mira’s unknown origins, which Salva might actually know. It’s all setup for now, and I’ll be sure not to wait two weeks before I watch the next episode.


Teekyuu 75 scores a 3.214 SPG, off their best work but not bad. In it, Yuri and Kanae hike in the mountains and Kanae nearly dies but no one, not even those involved in the show, know how.


#76 slips to 3.33, as all the girls together decide to diet. You can figure out how THAT’S going to turn out.

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