Koyomimonogatari 7, Gate 20, KonoSuba 7, Dimension W 8

Tsuhiki stomps her feet.
Tsuhiki stomps her feet.

Koyomimonogatari 7 starts with “Platinum Disco,” so I was in a good mood to enjoy another trivial little episode of this Bakemonogatri-lite series.  As you could guess, the person with a question this time is Tsuhiki, about her tea club-mates’ refusal to listen to reason and accept that there is no ghost-kid who signed up as a member.  She tries to stab Araragi with a tri-color pen a couple times for good measure.  The answer to her question, or rather, her object of rage, is pretty clever and it does make you wonder just who is doing the deceiving here.  Kanbaru helps out this week too, but she’s more subdued, watching poor Araragi mine the books at her house.  I’m trying to remember: has Araragi solved ANY of the mysteries in this latest series, or has he always turned to some girl or another?

Gate 20 turns back away from Youji and company’s flight from the assassins to show us Sherry and the dove diplomat Casel’s flight from Zolzal’s (or should that be Tyuule’s?) private stormtroopers, the, er, Oprichnina.  At the end of which they wind up outside the Jade Palace. Japanese soil right now, with Sherry shouting out to Sugawara for help, forcing him into a rather disgusting decision, but it’s for a good cause, right?  Not just to get certain fanboys watching to get excited, or course not.  Too bad for Casel, dragged away with no one wanting to marry him.  Last episode I was grumbling that we were spending time in that silly magic town, but now I want to go back there.  Oh right, Lelei’s not there anymore.  And we’ll have to get this current crisis sorted out before going back to the main characters.
KonoSuba 7 is a bit of a letdown.  Kazuma dies again (at least this time it was less embarrassing) and meets another goddess, the perfectly sensible Eris, who actually feels bad for him and is set to send him to a comfortable life in modern Japan, when he realizes he actually misses Aqua and the other goofballs.  One of those stories.  … Well, he’s set to move on in spite of that, but Aqua calls him back and of course his life is miserable again.  And it’s winter there now.  It’s still winter here, by the way, and I’m getting tired of it.  Not that that has anything to do with the show.
Dimension W 8 … Well, of course those guys on the plane aren’t dead; they spent too much time introducing them last week.  And I still can’t figure them out.  They’re mostly a bunch of cynical bounty-hunters who would turn on each other in a second, but, apart from that one American guy doing a number on the other one (and that feels more like a personal issue rather than cold-blooded business), they spend a lot of time cooperating and bailing each other out.  Well, occasionally they’re left behind, but no one’s doing any killing yet.  Meanwhile Kyouma and Mira innocently drive up the road on their own, oblivious to the fates of the others, until a couple of them show up.  They’re cuddly and cute so you know they can be trusted.
I’m still trying to get how this island works.  People left there start waking up when the collectors show up, animated by new potentialities, and tend to get swallowed by that blue thing when they do, if they’re male.  Salma was swallowed up, but there he is lying on a couch–albeit near death.  It grazed a collector and he’s also in a coma.  Coils aren’t supposed to work but they seem to be working fine.  Kyouma, Mira, and the cute diggers go through a dead zone, where Mira stops functioning, and apparently Kyouma also nearly dies as well, no idea why–but they make it through.  However, it doesn’t feel as though the show is just making shit up as it goes.  There seems to be sound logic in this invented world, and my confusion over it is partly because it doesn’t want to tell us everything yet, that and I’m forgetful.

2 thoughts on “Koyomimonogatari 7, Gate 20, KonoSuba 7, Dimension W 8

  1. “However, it doesn’t feel as though the show is just making shit up as it goes. There seems to be sound logic in this invented world, and my confusion over it is partly because it doesn’t want to tell us everything yet, that and I’m forgetful.”

    Preach. I’m staring down fifty this year and it makes my head hurt to keep up with these plots, sometimes. Still, DW and GATE are still the two bright spots of the season.

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