Boku Dake 9, Komugi-chan R 8, Dagashi 7, Teekyuu 78

Bye Kayo!
Bye Kayo!

Boku Dake ga Inai Machi 9 sees the end of the Kayo story arc, if that’s the right thing to call it. The confrontation between Akemi, Kayo’s mom, and Sachiko … AND the children’s welfare people, goes along expected lines. Kayo is taken away (by nice people) and we may never see her again. This leaves Satoru with a bit of a dilemma. He needs now to save Hiromi and Aya, two people at once, and he can’t call on his friends to help because there’s no obvious reason to. Fortunately, the friends are saintly types, and one of them is Aya, so they agree to help even if they think he’s a little nuts. Not sure how he’s going to explain Aya, though. None of them know her. It’s here that the story might start getting implausible, but we’ll see. For now, let’s relax in the thought that Kayo is finally safe, probably. This show’s double-crossed us before.


Nurse Witch Komugi-chan R 8 plays with what passes as the two stories going, and gets nowhere with either of them. You could call the monster-fighting a story, I suppose, but in most episodes that’s used as a plot device. The first story is the girls keeping their magical sides secret from each other. You wonder how long they’ll bother with it. Their mascots are the only ones that care, and we’ve seen that Komugi and Kokona aren’t against teaming up. But neither Kokona or Tsukasa and bring themselves to believe that ditzy Komugi is one of THEM, not that they know about each other, anyway. The other story is Tsukasa/Yuto as a pair, and it’s hampered by the typical romcom stuff: Tsukasa thinks Yuto’s in love with Komugi, while Yoto thinks Tsukasa’s in love with Kokona. Annoying to get through all that. Nice moon at the onsen, though.


Dagashi Kashi 7 (yes, I’m behind) eases up on the education and gives us a pleasant trip to the local festival. We do learn that dagashi is sometimes used in monjayaki, and there’s a brief foray into festival treats, but it’s more of an aside. Instead, we get You’s festival stall rivalry with a okonomiyaki girl, Hotaru’s splendid die-cutting work (you know, she IS cuter when she’s not talking, and having her bangs pulled away on one side doesn’t hurt, either), and the highlight, a nice walk-around with Kokonotsu and Saya, both of them happy as clams to spend time together, especially Saya, though there’s no movement on their romance. Did you expect any? Meanwhile, I’m still trying to figure out what makes Saya such an appealing character …


After a few slow episodes, Teekyuu! 78 roars back with a SPG of 2.72. Excellent work. In this episode they go bowling and everyone likes to talk telepathically to Yuri, including, apparently, her bowling ball.

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