Boku Dake 10, Gate 22

I should have known better, over a month ago, to use Wikipedia to get names of characters in Boku Dake ga Inai Machi. I learned the murderer’s identity then, and every episode since then has been a wait for him to expose himself, which he finally does in episode 10.

But you're not.
But you’re not.

Still, I’m a little surprised that it happened so quickly. When Hotaru got in the car with Yashiro I thought we might just get some foreshadowing, that is, after the seat belt thing I would have figured it out, and had the sense of dread I should have had. Especially since everything up to then had been so smooth and easy. Aya was suspicious of the gang, but did a 180 and instantly trusted them, so much for HER heart-hole. Her befriending Kazu was a nice touch, since he and that other kid were wild cards in the situation.


As for Yashiro, just another boring killer. He even uses the hole in the heart metaphor to justify his actions, saying it’s no different from finding fulfillment through kindness and bravery, a variant of that ridiculous “You’re the same as me” crap villains often say. But of course we sort of knew that about him. What mattered was the menace he presented to innocent children, and later, adults. So the scene in the car, in spite of what I knew, still had great effect. He’s very good at killing, and Hotaru is, at this moment, a small boy who’s completely trapped. Naturally, the show leaves us with Hotaru drowning in the lake, with no help from his friends (nice touch, that, showing the other kids living their happy lives), so we’ll have to wait to find out … what happens. Fortunately, Wikipedia doesn’t go into details.

Assassination attempt #2 is about to go awry.
Assassination attempt #2 is about to go awry.

Gate 22 left me a bit frustrated, but it turned out all right. First, I couldn’t believe that Youji and the gang would happily walk off after the second attempt at Lelei’s life, (that attempt was rather fun, with the crowd joining in. The first time Rondel’s been effective at anything), especially after the wizard geezer’s attempt (#1), and sure enough, Shandy HAD been tricked and the second attempt appeared to be effective … Cut to another story, and I gritted my teeth. Especially since the new one was just more Pina abuse with no movement in the story. Happily we go back to find out Youji’s backup measure had been effective. The next part, apart from some more Pina abuse, was a little nuts, I mean, Shandy is. Even when she learned she had been deceived, she STILL wants to cut Lelei’s head off? That aside, the show is moving toward the climax I figure is coming in two episodes, with everyone on the move except idiot Pina, and some paratrooper porn next week.

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