W and Phantom 10, KonoSuba 9, Teekyuu! 79

Whoops, it's not dead yet.
Whoops, it’s not dead yet.

Dimension W 10 brings us (and Kyouma) closer to the mystery of what happened years ago. First, Mira and the twins do a number on the robot that’s going after Kyouma, only to have it wake up again, only to have Kyouma wake up as well and finish the job. Why did he wake up? Because he tore that thing from his ear? But he was unconscious … Lwai shows up, sans arm, from wherever he was … Anyway, we learn that Adastrea was working on space development and transporters to get them there. And that dreams and memories connect us to Dimension W, but we already knew that. Meanwhile, in a sideshow, Loser and Jason Chrysler give us more info while duking it out. The heroes get closer to the labs, where everything is clean and the power is working, and we get a confrontation with KK and the brainwashed Yuri.

Sorry Doug, ol' buddy.
Sorry Doug, ol’ buddy.

There follows a longer, delightfully weird scene where KK fills in narrative gaps, plays a Dance Macabre as Wendy Carlos might arrange it as he does, while the good guys tackle Yuri and an old comrade of Kyouma’s, Doug, now a soulless monster. KK doesn’t seem to be the type to do mad scientist impersonations like this, being a hired gun and all, but I can’t say I didn’t enjoy it. Kyouma figures out a little more, then catches up with KK and decks him, and another Lwai shows up (KK killed the first one). This is supposed to be the big surprise moment of the episode, coming at the end and all, but I wasn’t shocked at all. In fact, as fun as the episode was to watch, I don’t really feel a connection to anyone in it. This show does a lot of things very well, but it isn’t the best at making us care for anyone. Fun to watch, though, as usual.


Musaigen no Phantom World 10 is another by-the-books episode about little trivial quirks about the characters, in this case Ruru’s size, made great to look at and little else. The firework phantom reminded me of the monsters in Nurse Witch Komugi-chan, but with a bigger conscience, and it struck me (finally) that this entire series is little more than a magical girl show without wands, or cards to collect, and even less of an overriding story arc.

Well, actually ...
Well, actually …

You might as well skip KonoSuba 9. Basically, Kazuma arranges for a sexy dream with a succubus club and real-life Darkness shows up at the wrong time and … So lots of unpleasant behavior by Kazuma, and lots of skin displayed by him and Darkness, oh, and the succubi. But next week we get a new invader. Good thing, too. This show’s been in a rut recently.

teekyuu79-1Teekyuu! 79 slips to an SPG of 3.75 in the exciting school lunch cooking battle. Maybe they concentrated too much on the plot this week …

2 thoughts on “W and Phantom 10, KonoSuba 9, Teekyuu! 79

  1. Musaigen no Phantom World has been a real disappointment for me in a lot of ways. They’ve been promising a whiplash, but I think it’s only going to be revealed in the last episode and it’s going to retroactively ruin everything that came before for me.

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