Boku Dake 11, KonoSuba finale

Boku Dake ga Inai Machi 11 was slightly more than I expected. I knew he would wake up back in the future, and that he would meet his old friends but without the memory of his killer, and they did that. They start with Yashiro narrating stuff about killing hamsters and that Spider’s Web story, thoughts about threads seen on survivors, and my heart sank because I didn’t want an entire episode of Yashiro justifying his murderous insanity, but they get to Satoru soon enough. In a smart twist, this time his inner monologue has his boy’s voice. It isn’t until later, meeting old friends, now adults, that he manages to get his thoughts and memories straightened out (with another smart twist in the fact that he can read words a young boy shouldn’t know), in fact, right at the end.

I've waited much of the season for a moment like this.
I’ve waited much of the season for a moment like this.

I was wondering how they would treat this body that hadn’t been used in fifteen years, but they did a good job. His mom, in the running for the best in anime, did therapy for fifteen years, and apparently an old heroic anthem finally woke him up. The expected scenes that followed were often lovely: the reunion with Kayo was the topper, but you knew they’d have to bring Yashiro back, and the final scene was bewildering. I assume Yashiro intends to kill him somehow up there, maybe throwing him off the roof, and I’m not sure why Satoru would announce to him that he had his memories back. All the more reason to kill him. On the other hand, maybe Satoru has something up his sleeve. He had better; he can still barely walk twenty feet. I assume that next week is the finale. I have no idea what’s going to happen, and thankfully, Wikipedia isn’t telling me.

Some big moments ...
Some big moments …

Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku Wo! finishes after only ten episodes, but there’s a second season. The big finale, where our heroes manage to save the town from a machine called Destroyer, was pretty much as I expected. There were some heroic moments, but they didn’t build to a big climax the way a more serious show might have done it. That’s because the show was more interested parody, silly gags, and fanservice, and most of the dramatic moments were there to be undercut by something silly. The ones that weren’t undercut just couldn’t add up. Still, everyone on the team contributed and had a moment. Aqua broke the barrier, Megumin and Wiz did their heavy exploding, Lalatina, sorry, Darkness, inspired the townspeople, and Kazuma did a lot of reactions and wisecracking. Oh, he got his mana sucked out for a good cause, and pep-talked people at the right time.

... but most of the scenes were like this.
… but most of the scenes were like this.

And that’s just fine. This was a good comedy with a heroic fantasy setting and nothing more, and it was a rather clumsy one at times–Kazuma recovered from his mana loss awfully quickly. It worked because Kazuma, the hero, was more cunning then brave, though he could rise to the occasion when he had to, like this episode. The girls had enough individual personality to work off of him, and it helped that this show had great voice performances, particularly Jun Fukushima, who managed to add character to the simplest “Hehhh” and had plenty of snarky lines to play with as well. After ten episodes there is plenty more heroic fantasy cliches to mock, so I don’t see why the second season can’t be as good as the first. Looking forward to it.

One more of Megumin.  I always giggled when I saw this bit in the ED.
One more of Megumin. I always giggled when I saw this bit in the ED.

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