New Spring 2016 #1

Back from a visit to Osaka to find the new season has already begun. And I haven’t even finished watching the old season. Well, do you really need to hear my final thoughts on the remaining shows? Didn’t think so.

As usual, I will only watch and talk about the shows I am interested in (since I’m not being paid for this). I won’t watch any sequels to shows I never watched in the first place. Since I had such a hard time keeping up with last season, I’m going to get more ruthless with cutting shows. Also as usual, I’ll introduce each one with a shot of the first second or two, and I’ll go by the Random Curiousity preview order when I can. Which means we start with …

The new season begins with a long bus trip in the rain.  I hope this isn't a metaphor for the season.
The new season begins with a long bus trip in the rain. I hope this isn’t a metaphor for the season.

Mayoiga starts with a bus in the rain, suggesting things won’t go well. Worse for us, the show then has everyone on it stand and introduce themselves, ALL THIRTY of them, including the bus drivers. And, if telling them apart won’t be hard enough, there are three girls named Yuuna, who immediately argue over who gets to use the name. Yes, not only does the show spend its first episode with a long road trip, just about everyone on board is unpleasant. They’re discontented with their old lives and are seeking the mysterious village of Nanaki, which might not even be there.


A decent enough kid named Mitsumune seems to be the main character, at least this week. And there’s a girl whom I cannot connect with a name who is weirdly obsessive about little things and gets sick easily, as the cranky bus driver discovers. The others trade conspiracy theories and/or act obnoxious. I got annoyed by it all, but they toss in a couple weird things, like Mitsumune’s death dream and that clock playing music. And the mysterious village has me intrigued. I just hope they can keep that fresh without me giving up because the characters drive me nuts.

Luloco starts with heads bouncing around.
Luloco starts with heads bouncing around.

Uchuu Patrol Luluco stars Luluco, of course. She lives with her dad in a town with lots of aliens, and she hates it. She’s a perfectly normal girl who tries to be perfectly normal in every normal way (too bad this is a Studio Trigger production), but winds up being an undercover space patrol girl at her middle school to help her dad recover from that pill he ingested.


Not bad for an eight-minute show, and we haven’t even met the blonde kid yet. Shows flashes of crazy imagination we haven’t seen from Trigger since Kill la Kill. But, my god, has their budget gone down to nothing?

A butterfly.  A misleading start to the new Asterisk.
A butterfly. A misleading start to the new Asterisk.

Decided to skip Ace Attorney, and the various sequels, up to Gakusen Toshi Asterisk season 2, where our heroes are still slogging through the Phoenix Festa. They spend a lot of time showing us the evil master (didn’t get her name) of another academy, from China, and then we get reacquainted with Ayato and Julis, who are trying to figure out strategy now that Ayato’s time limit on his powers is common knowledge. They face two guys from the Chinese academy in a tough match, and then meet Senyun and Shenhua, their next opponents, and rather nasty to boot.


That’s about it. We barely see the other girls, or the blonde (who makes a comment about that in her preview). As far as the good guys are concerned, it was businesslike than I expected, some catching up, some strategy, and then a battle. I suspect, with the arrival of a strange girl named Flora at the end, that the personal issues will intervene next time, and we can’t keep Kirin and Saya out of the story for too long.

Endride begins with a mysterious glowing crystal.
Endride begins with a mysterious glowing crystal.

Next: Endride, where we follow a high school boy named Shun as he goes about his boring daily routine and obsesses about crystals in his spare time. Well he might. Love for pretty rocks seem to run in his family, well, it’s hard to tell what his father does, excactly, but he’s got a crystal on display in his office, which Shun discovers to have magic powers when he touches it, and off he goes to the inside of the earth. While Shun’s been trying to get his dad to come home for his birthday, a kid on the inside named Emilio is trying to avenge his father by killing a king. Naturally they hook up. We can assume fathers are going to be important. Also bros.

And glowing swords come out of their chests
And glowing swords come out of their chests

I hear it’s going to be two seasons’ worth, so I probably shouldn’t drop it based on the first episode, but it was such a lifeless, draggy 25 minutes that I’m not that sorry. The early scenes stumbled painfully along, little to no decent flow or timing and hobbled by crude animation. Emilio’s bits weren’t much better. The fight with the king suggests that they don’t know much about swordplay down there. The soundtrack felt generic and didn’t help at all. On the plus side … it looked pretty. Sometimes. Nope, not worth it.


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    • Yeah, there’s that, but I’ll let those concerned play with it. Not my area. Though I wonder where the fine line between bro and fujo lies….not really.

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