Flying Witch 4-5, Asterisk 6

Falling behind again.

Well, THAT didn't work ...
Well, THAT didn’t work …

Didn’t realize I was still two episodes behind with a show: Flying Witch.  Still, this show continues to breeze by so quickly that two episodes felt like only twenty minutes … okay, thirty.  In episode 4 we meet another witch, Inukai, who had an unfortunate encounter with Akane’s experimental chocolates and now looks like a dog-girl in the daytime.  I believe that, in spite of the revelation of what really happened, Akane share some of the blame.  She had the chocolates and even showed them to Inukai.

An adventure!
An adventure!

In episode five, we go on two walks with Chito the cat, with Chinatsu and Makoto in tow each in for one.  Chinatsu’s is treated something like an adventure, and it ends with a mystery that keeps us watching the second, where Chito shows Makoto all the cool places he found the first time.  It works partly because we don’t know anything about Chito and can’t read his behavior.  He obviously understands the human activity around him, but at the same time, he’s still a cat.  Another reason it works is because this is a leisurely, patient show that can bear the repetition of two nearly identical walks, in fact, seeing everything twice just makes things seem more secure.  How the show does this I can’t figure out.

Our heroes scurry off to look for Flora.
Enemy dispatched quickly, our heroes run off to look for Flora.

Surprised that Gakusen Toshi Asterisk 6(18) brought us the semi-final battle so quickly, and ended it in the first half, even with a few flashback interruptions.  Also surprised that such a weak team (a prodigy with little experience and an experienced but rather stupid teammate) made it this far into the tournement.  But there’s plenty of other story-fodder to get through so I guess it’s okay.  Maybe they’ll get the final over relatively quickly and spend the next few episodes taking care of Ayato’s sister issues.  Anyway, the second half featured the hunt for Flora, going mostly nowhere even with help from those two girls from last season (that WAS Priscilla at the end, wasn’t it?).  But my favorite moments came with a little talk between Ernesta, who both have goals I actually find altruistic, Ernesta to make sentient beings that will be accepted, and Camilla to bring the world a weapon that can be used by anyone, not just gifted people.  Makes me sad I have to root against them …

2 thoughts on “Flying Witch 4-5, Asterisk 6

  1. It’s refreshing to see cat is main protagonist in this episode. Chito-san is KAWAII! I want to see Kenny too but where’s s/he? I hope they will appear and chat at Flying Witch Petit too. In Facebook, There’s “Flying Witch Petit” clip, short anime for promoting main series. So I watched.

    I watched this 2 minutes anime and maximum kawaii 3D punches sent me flying & knockout like that from this overwhelming power, their cuteness are too much for me.

    That’s why, after I recovered (from injury), I did anime review for respecting their level SS cuteness.

    warning: please prepare your body & soul before proceed it.

  2. Maybe I should give Flying Witch Petit a try …

    The kitties have a little face time in episode 6, basically observing their silly masters and thinking whatever the hell they’re thinking.

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