Sixes: Kuromukuro, Tanaka-kun, Flying Witch

Kurumukuro 6 is an extensive mecha battle where they manage to smash up the airport, which is no fun for me because I’ve never actually been there. Good battle anyway. It starts with a buildup using clips from last week and then we have the three-on-one with Kennosuke/Yukina vs the Yellow Crab and the two dullahan minions. Naturally at first it goes badly for our heroes; it would have been worse had the dullahan not been idiots, deciding to fight one moment and then letting their boss do it. Maybe the answer to that lies in the enemy mecha pilot, a human, full of honor and all that, making them fall back (so they’re taken out by Tom and Sophie). In spite of it being dusk and then night, the battle is clear and understandable, though they don’t explain how Ken’s machine withstands the nanobot attack, or what those little glowing things Yukina was looking at meant. As for the two classmates, dead or not, I’m glad they didn’t interfere with the battle by being there demanding rescue.


Tanaka-kun wa itsumo Kedaruge 6 breaks the reality rule for me. Most everything else that’s happened, no matter how farfetched, could still be considered plausable in Tanaka’s world, but for him to believe he can develop a rain barrier skill (or for that matter, dodge raindrops) breaks the character a little, maing him seem more stupid than he really is. Apart from that it was another fun episode. I expected a “sick Tanaka” episode to have lots of bedside scenes, but instead he actually comes to school. Leading to an adorable umbrella-sharing scene with Shiraishi. However, I didn’t really laugh at his and Ohta’s efforts to find new ways to communicate to be very effective. Overall, Echizen’s bits were better, with mistaken belief that she must choose between marrying Tanaka or Ohta. Thus her tough front and inner girly-mode stand at odds with each other. Meanwhile Miyano runs around in both scenes, doing her best (and succeeding) in livening up both.


Flying Witch 6 … not much to say about it. Like the others, very little happens, yet an episode breezes by in no time at all and I’m never bored. In this one, Chinatsu decides to become a witch. This bit takes up half the episode, well, other things happen. Makoto practices her flying, Kei hangs around, that sort of thing. The spell that Akane teaches Chinatsu makes the episode feel like a cooking show, or at least reminded me of the tempura they made awhile back. The result of the spell wasn’t all that funny, though the mom had fun with it. It was the getting to the spell that made it enjoyable.

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