Asterisk 20, Flying Witch 7, Delta 8

Gakusen Toshi Asterisk 20 has to carry both Ayato and Julis’s finals match and Kirin and Saya’s rescue mission.  Didn’t expect both of them to finish up in one episode, but they came close.

The opponents, looking impressive.
The opponents, looking impressive.

Starting with the match, we get some pre-planned maneuvers and, as usual in this series, too much talk, as A/J try a couple of neat maneuvers, regroup, try something else, and, surprisingly, manage to take out the RM-C but not before she flings all her extra weapons and power to AR-D, making him damn near invincible.  The details were a question, but this was to be expected.  The good guys getting their shots in first means this would be a three-round battle, with the good guys winning #1, the bad guys winning #2 and the good guys winning #3, though we haven’t gotten there yet.  So we switch to …

This didn't really happen.
This didn’t really happen.

Saya and Kirin, who have to rescue Flora and not get killed by that shadow guy.  This proves to be tough since, like the other battle, they don’t work terribly well as a team.  If this guy can mechanize shadows, a couple big flares ought to take care of him until they get Flora out, but Saya uses the trick only once.  Yeah, the guy used Kirin’s shadow from the flare, so how about TWO flares, Saya?  And in the end, Kirin does some sneaky virtual swords tricks to almost disable the bad guy while nearly dead while Saya is … reloading, I guess.  Well, they save Flora but Kirin’s nearly dead.  That last bit is not related to A/J by Claudia in her charming interruption of the match, but the Flora rescue is, so Ayato can use his Sers, meaning the battle should be over within one minute of episode 21.

Chinatsu's in the wrong rural show.
Chinatsu’s in the wrong rural show.

Flying Witch is turning into one of those shows where nothing much happens but I don’t care in the slightest.  In episode 7 the gang go up a mountain to pick herbs.  There might be bears around!  But all they do is pick ostrich ferns.  The only other point to make is that Nao is afraid of frogs.  When they get back to the house Kei seasons them (with closeups that again make me think this is partly a cooking show in disguise), and they eat.  Chinatsu doesn’t like them much.  This is the level of drama the show brings us, and I don’t care.
The first half could happen to anyone, well, apart from the cat, so in the second half they bring in the magic by having Makoto, Kei, and Chinatsu visit a mysterious cafe that only witches know about, though there are few enough of them that I wonder how they stay in business.  I ought to add that the ruined house was one of the most striking backgrounds I’ve seen.  Once inside there’s more magic, but it’s cute and charming with a shy ghost waitress, and then the episode is over before I wanted it to be, apart from an epilogue.  Wouldn’t mind seing the ghost girl again, or meeting the witch.

Pillage BEFORE you burn, damn it!
Pillage BEFORE you burn, damn it!

Macross Delta 8 starts where we left off, with the good guys trapped and the bad guys pointing guns and swords at them.  Worse, one of the bad guys is Bogue, who would rather just kill them all, except he and his blonde pal are stopped by Roid, their boss.  Still since they have the upper hand, they get to make some speeches about how it’s okay that they’re brainwashing people with water and apples because they’re the victims, and besides, it’s war.  Hayate, to his credit, finds a few chances to push Bogue’s buttons (and get further beaten up in the process).  All the while, they’re calling Freyja a traitor, which leads to Mikuno’s question: Why the hell is she singing, anyway?  I hate questions like these because the answer can’t always be put into words, but the show demands one, and by the end, we get it.
It takes a battle, however.  Naturally Walkure mess up the baddies’ plans (what was Mikuno doing all this time?), and soon we have the good guys trying to get off the planet in their various craft, but it gets complicated when that princess, er, prince starts singing again.  The ruins were resonating with his sound, but then with the Walkure’s counter-song, meanwhile Hayate and Freyja get into a mini-crisis involving the vars-afflicted father from last week.  Freyja was taken aback when Bogue or whoever told her that song was an illusion, but now she reaffirms that it’s the truth, and in pulling the father back, she has her answer, as silly and inane as it is, spoken to Mikuno, who seemed to have been hiding her amusement.  No matter.  Freyja has her answer, Hayate manages to impress Messer a little, it’s all good.

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