Kuromukuro and Flying Witch 8, Asterisk 21, Delta 9

About the only action we get this episode.
About the only action we get this episode.

Kuromukuro 8, to my surprise, has no battle in it, well, one slice at the very end after an interesting chase (the robot tried to go under the log.  Note that for later).  In fact, the episode dithered a bit too much.  Perfectly fine for Yukina’s absense to simply be a big pout, and I guess it’s okay that those two boys are okay after all; rather amused by the idea that the big one thinks Yukina’s absense is because of him.  We get some political fallout from the bad guys nicely requesting that their weapon of war be returned, but not much.  We get Kennosuke repeating the line “She’s not a tool!,” but it wasn’t such a big deal because he’s always tried to treat Yukina respectfully anyway, when he’s not insulting her.  Basically, we have characters catching up with events this week, again, until the end, where we get the big surprise.

The gang annoy a paying customer.
The gang annoy a paying customer.

Flying Witch 8 ambles on without a care, like the other episodes.  We start back at the cafe, where there’s a silly misunderstanding concerning the owner and her daughter, probably the weakest thing in the episode because Makoto comes off as being an blithering idiot.  But after it’s straightened out things get charming.  We meet other guests, two ladybugs on a date, the Veil of Darkness, and a fox, though it bugs me that Makoto and Chinatsu would be so keen on bothering other, paying guests who just want a cup of tea or a thistle.  The guests, happily, are fine with it.  Then, 3/4ths of the episode in, the show decides to show us the credits and a little side story concerning Akane.  I sort of admire that.  The cafe scenes weren’t unnaturally squeezed or stretched to fit a 24-minute block, but allowed to run as long as it needed, no more, no less.

Something big is happening, but we can't see it for the reaction shots.
Something big is happening, but we can’t see it for the reaction shots.

I had said that the Gakuen Toshi Asterisk 21’s battle would wrap up quickly, with Ayato getting his Sers back and all, but the show dragged it out by having AR-D get more powerful, up to danger levels.  However, they did not ramp up his way with words, so we get a lot of “So this is my true power!” lines.  At least he was enjoying himself, even after he got beat.  Meanwhile, Ayato got his Sers serviced by Julis to increase its speed.  I’d like to see the ratio of battle with talking in this match …  But after all that it gets deadly dull, as everyone has to congratulate the victors, and more “We couldn’t have done it without you” lines, and of course Flora has to tearfully thank everybody.  Much more interesting is Yabuki, former bro, now deadly killer on the good guys’ side.  Anyway, now the festa is over and we can get on with finding that sister, and we get an excellent hint where she is …
Macross Delta 9 was set up to be Messer’s episode, and it mostly is.  We see a nasty flashback in a dream, probably the catalyst for the var, and then we have Hayate and Freyja confronting him about the issue.  It’s about the first time that we’ve seen Messer as a human and not as an emotionless jerk commander who goes around pissing people off, and it’s welcome.  The relationship between the three is now partly based on trust and respect.  Naturally we have to have a battle to see Messer nearly lose it before Kaname’s singing and pleading pulls him back.  Their bond is one of the other things the episode presents us, and it gives us some background on Kaname.  Also, the bad guys discover ruins on Ragna, Hayate learns he has the fold ability, and they push the love triangle pieces around as Freyja wonders what Hayate and Mirage are sneaking about doing (worrying about Messer, of course).  It all feels uneventful, but they got a lot of things accomplished this week.

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