Nines: Kumamiko, Bakuon, Sousei no Onmyouji

For a while it looked like KumaMiko 9 would be another exercise at humiliating poor Machi, with Yoshiro deciding to make a TV commercial to promote the village and having it star you-know-who … no, not the bear, and THEN putting her in a swimsuit. Machi does get her share of embarrassment this week, but it’s really not so bad because she shares the commercial with a bunch of enthusiastic villagers, and in the end seems to actually be enjoying herself. The commercial itself, at least before the editing, didn’t turn out so badly, and the post-edit version was different enough that the episode didn’t fall into the trap of using too much footage that we’d already seen. Also, Machi looks really cute in glasses.

Chimase realizes her crashing the Bike Club's recruitment show wasn't such a good idea.
Chimase realizes her crashing the Bike Club’s recruitment show wasn’t such a good idea.

Bakuon!! 9 is the usual messy affair. It’s graduation time and so it’s time for Reina to go, except, of course, she doesn’t, being a student there only to keep an eye on the kids. Often it’s a disadvantage for a character to not speak, but it also means she can hold up a single note and end the conversation. We then move to the important part, the introduction of Chisame, who can race motorcycles with the best of them, but is too short for street bicycles, meaning she both loves motorcycles and resents them and people who ride them (“First place is lonely. I am lonely. Therefore I am in first place”). For this reason she obviously doesn’t want to join the bike club, but is lured into it through a ridiculous school orientation scene. Her complex relationship with bikes is welcome; apart from Rin, the girls’ attitudes toward theirs are simplistic.

I don't think this spell is going to end happily.
I don’t think this spell is going to end happily.

Let’s see, in Sousei no Onmyouji 9 we start with Rokuro’s admission that he killed everyone in that dorm two years ago, and that would include Benio’s beloved oniisan. She’s upset, of course, and challenges him to a fight. We all knew there had to be extenuating circumstances, but I for one didn’t expect these circumstances to just walk up–the dead oniisan, Yuto. What’s more, he’s the once responsible, he’s evil, and he’s always been evil. There follows a grim flashback to what really happened (nice use of music in that scene), and then more explanations and a lot of talk about how EVIL Yuto is. Rokuro retaliates by playing pong against Yuto, using himself as the ball, until Benio stops him and they miserably stop. Now we see the path to the final episode. I didn’t expect to get this dark past business taken care of so quickly, but if this is a one-season show they don’t have much time left. But let’s give them a little normality first; I’m tired of clenched faces and choking noises from both our heroes.

2 thoughts on “Nines: Kumamiko, Bakuon, Sousei no Onmyouji

  1. There’s evidence that Lime is more than just a slacker hanging around the school. Some of that is in the manga, such as how she went to a bike race and bet the winner “on the nose” about 8 times in a row, each time betting her entire previous winnings, including a couple of times when the one she picked wasn’t the favorite so the payoff was like 10:1. The result was a huge stack of 10,000 yen notes with which she bought 35 motorcycles all at once.

    In the anime there was the scene in ep 3 at Onsa’s dealership where she walked along a row of motorcycles and left a note on each describing what was wrong with it (“blown cylinder”, “odometer reset”, etc.) and was right about them all.

    Another interesting hint was the way she knew that the other girls were at that hot springs on Hokkaido and rejoined them there. It’s also interesting that she doesn’t have a surname — the principal said so. The Principal (who seems to know what Lime is) issued her a student card with the name “Kawasaki” because that’s the kind of bike Lime rides.

    I’m coming to think that she’s a kami. We already know of one god riding around, so it’s not too much of a stretch that there could be another. (There was also the talking bike that Hane used at the school. And in the manga there are some other supernatural things coming up.)

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