Delta 10, Witch 9, Asterisk 22, Kumamiko 10

I should have seen it coming in Macross Delta 10 …

Alas, not for long ...
Alas, not for long …

There are reasons why I didn’t. First, Messer looked like he was going to be peacefully shipped off to a Vars-free environment and teach recruits, not that we believed for a second that he would stay gone long; I figured there would be a return in the nick of time episode, maybe five episodes from now. I didn’t expect him to come roaring back into the battle immediately. That’s one reason. Another was that mysterious comment: “The vars has consumed him, but he’s controlling it!” a wrinkle I expect them to fully explore later, but with Messer as the test subject. The third reason I didn’t expect it: there were no pineapples, just lots of jellyfish.

Should have seen it coming ...
Should have seen it coming …

I should have seen it, however. Messer gets quality goodbye time with Kaname, though we didn’t know the goodbye would be permanent. In fact, everyone gets to say goodbye to him. Don’t know if the show’s pineapple character ever got a send-off before. Aside from THAT, it was an interesting episode anyway. The good guys showed that they suck as a squadron when Messer isn’t around. We had some “conflicting” waves that sent Freyja and Mikumo, and maybe the princess, er, prince, so a different dimension or something. The only thing lacking is on the Windermerean side. There’s conflict there, but no one is out and out rebelling yet. Everyone just complains a little or gives worried looks about the princess, er, prince.

Toasting with radishes, of course.
Toasting with radishes, of course.

Flying Witch 9 has Inukai coming over to apologize for the other day and to use her skills to help out with any problems they might have. Trouble is, no can think of any. Also, she brings a Japanese treat instead of cookies going against the book Chinatsu’s mom wrote. Anyway, she tells fortunes that sort of come true. None of it really matters because the magic on this show is an aside, something to liven up a moment or that can potentially happen in this rural-domestic world. For instance little jokes are made about the mandrake Makoto is growing, but the highlight of the show is looking at the edamame buds and harvesting the radishes, and eating them, not magical at all, but just as satisfying as the talking origami Akane makes.

Party time!
Party time!

Gakusen Toshi Asterisk 22 has the gang pay a visit to Lieseltania, Yulis’s kingdom, over winter break, whereupon everyone talks a lot. Claudia wants them to make a team with her for the Gryps Festa–geez, they just won a festa, give the kids a break, and besides, what about that long-lost sister? In other talk Saya wants to apologize to Ayato for not communicating enough after they were separated; unlike Claudia’s talk this one isn’t a plot-mover but a loose end to tie up. Julis talks about her puppet brother, her puppet country, and how she’d really like to change everything, as if the show wasn’t busy enough right now. Kirin wants Ayato to lend her his arm. Finally, a friendly geezer tries to get Ayato NOT to join the Gryps team, and then whips out a monster when he refuses. Some action at last! I nearly cheered. BTW, Saya becomes even more my favorite character by not paying attention to the rules and bringing a weapon to the party. Came in handy.


Not much to Kumamiko this week. Machi wants a cell phone, even though it’s repeated over and over that there’s no reception. But all the cool kids, well, all the kids, have one … leading to a bizarre quiz from Yoshiro that Machi nearly fails because she has very little sense. After that it’s another episode of Yoshiro humiliating Machi by trying to remove her clothes by force so she’ll dress up as an idol (Machi has SOME sense–that outfit IS weird) for a disgusting event attended by idiots. Natsu is somehow fine with all this, and Hibiki is somehow won over, though she at least roughs Yoshio up first. I wish someone in this series would stand up for that poor girl.

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