Tens: Bakuon, Sousei, Bungou

Bakuon!! 10 continues the introduction of Chisame, still working out her frustration at being a champion minibike racer but who’s too short to ride your average street bike. The girls invite her to sit on their bikes and give her opinion while she begs off because it would reveal her TERRIBLE SECRET of shortness. Further complicating her problems is that she considers modding bikes for her height to be sacrilege.

I wanted to cheer when she said that.
I wanted to cheer when she said that.

It’s a strange mindset for Chisame, considering all the fun bikers have screwing around with their bikes. Surely she ought to have known this. It’s less odd that she doesn’t know how a street bike works, and continuously screws up during riding classes–I can see it happening. What makes it funny is that the instructors know who she is and rubber-stamps her progress (surely she knows how to ride and this is a formality) while she makes absolutely none. By the way, good job Hijiri for getting better!


In Sousei no Onmyouji 10 we meet Subaru, yet another of the twelve whatever-they-are, and when Rokuro and Benio ask her to train them, guess what she tries to train then for. You guessed it. This enforced “date” happens too early in the episode for it to end that way, so I waited for the expected embarrassing moments and wondered then the Kegare were going to show up. Here it gets interesting: Rokuro’s magic arm tries to take him over, and when Benio puts a sealing charm on it she is weakened to the point where she can’t fight. Subaru’s point, when she shows up, is that the two must learn to work together somehow, which I suppose was the reason for the date setup. However, it does them no good here; Subaru does what the other Big Twelve did and dispatch the monsters without a second thought while Rokuro and Benio gape. I guess the working together stuff will happen later …

We get the two fights we expected in Bungou Stray Dogs 10, though one wasn’t much of one.

Nyaa nyaa nyaa.
Nyaa nyaa nyaa.

No jumping from one to the other, instead we get Dazai vs. his old partner, Chuuya. For much of the time we’re wondering if Dazai’s in over his head. He’s not much of a physical fighter, certainly compared to the Port Mafia’s top martial-arts guy, but, once again, Dazai proves that his tongue might be his greatest weapon. It isn’t long before Dazai, about to be killed, has Chuuya making those cartoony-furious faces that Kunikida is so fond of doing. Well, it helps that he set up an ultimate defense already, making it clear that Chuuya would be dead meat in the PM if Dazai were to die. I wonder why the good guys haven’t used this strategy already. Oh, yeah, they don’t know Dazai’s past. Whatever the reason, all Chuuya can do is stomp off, humiliated.


If you want a physical battle you have to turn to the one on the ship. Kyouka helps by blowing up a few things so they have a time limit. They set it up so that Atsushi can escape, but we all know he’s not going to leave without Kyouka. It’s expected, but WHY he stays (Kyouka deserves a chance because the agency gave Atsushi one) makes the scene worthwhile. The subsequent battle with Akutagawa is the bloody mess we expected, made more interesting because of the themes of self-worth they toss in. One reason Atsushi wants to win is because Akutagawa treated Kyouka as a tool, worthless unless she’s killing. We flash back, rather confusingly, to a PM training session where Dazai basically tells Akutagawa that he’s worthless, and then there’s that line “My new subordinate is much better,” a line that infuriates him. And Atsushi wins the current battle, partly perhaps because, thanks to others, he has found some self-worth. Fitting that Kyouka, the girl who feels worthless, drags him off the sinking boat with her, safely onto Kunikida’s boat.

2 thoughts on “Tens: Bakuon, Sousei, Bungou

  1. In a lot of race classes you are not allowed to make any changes to the bikes. That’s probably the case with her NSF100.

    1. Ah, I see! So the concept of modding her bike is a concept so foreign to her that she can’t perceive that it can’t be wrong. That makes sense. I’m still not sure I believe how much she sticks to her beliefs, but she’s a stubborn character.

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