Kuromukuro 10, Asterisk 11, Tanaka-kun and Flying Witch 10

Evil person.

Kuromukuro 10 gives us one or two dollops of information and spends the rest of its time with pointless side bits. The surrendering bad guy, Fusnarie, gets questioned by the UN and tells us that they invaded 450 years ago but the advance party was driven off by the Black Glongur (relic), though of course he talks in terms of bringing civilization to enlightened masses. He also casts doubt on Kennosuke’s story, the most interesting bit of the episode. How could Kennosuke have piloted the mecha back then? And we get other questions, like how did the princess steal the damn thing? They also don’t try to answer why Yukina can bring it to life, though I don’t know why not. Most likely Fusnarie is holding out and we’ll find out next week. Meanwhile, can we please get Marina and Ryouto off this show? Their antics have little to do with anything, apart from the old sayings Marina tries this week. The show is spending way too much time with them.

Maybe evil person.
Maybe evil person.

I can’t say I like how Gakusen Toshi Asterisk is handling the story right now. They won the Phoenix Festa last week, or was it the week before, leaving us a couple of episodes where they’re not sure what to do. Sure, they set up next season’s arc by putting more pressure on Ayato and Julis to quit the Gryps Festa, and, oh, get married. And they introduced Ophelia, Julis’s former BFF and now a supremely powerful fighter who works for evil and nearly kills Julis without a second thought, well, there’s a trace of regret. She and her excellent light show are good plot seeds for next season, so it’s a good time to plant them, but now what? All Julis can do is mope and visit the dull orphanage, while Ayato in her wake. There’s still an episode to go. … Maybe they can dispatch that Gustave guy before the season ends. He gets on my nerves.

Miyano-chan is not evil at all.
Miyano-chan is not evil at all.

Tanaka kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge 10 listlessly takes care of Tanaka’s summer, first in an okay scene at the pool, the best part being his masterly skill of floating. Ohta’s description of it is one of his better efforts. However, I don’t believe that Tanaka wouldn’t know about this amazing ability before now. After that we get a good segment where Miyano looks for a yukata that will actually fit her, and Shiraishi does a sweet thing. The show always gets better when the “human bullet” is around. We get her excitement when she gets the two boys to come to the festival, and her deflated noise when Shiraishi announces that she can’t, sort of a “a-ruh-guh.” Almost every episode of this show has a character making a noise which puts me on the floor laughing.

In spite of her expression, Nao is not evil, just a bad cook.
In spite of her expression, Nao is not evil, just a bad cook.

Flying Witch 10 had absolutely no magic in it, I think. Even Akane, who likes to cast little silly spells out of curiosity or boredom, doesn’t do anything special. Instead, we watch a home ec class where Nao, who avoids cooking, is forced to make hamburg steak. We watch the series of recipe steps the same way we might watch Makoto or Akane prepare a witch’s spell, that is, like it’s a cooking show. Happy to say that they made no jokes at Nao’s expense (apart from cutting the onions, but she isn’t the only one) like other shows might–she makes no mistakes and prepares a perfectly good meal. After learning about hamburg steaks, we learn about apple thinning in the orchard, and how they trim apple trees so they’re low to the ground, so don’t bump your head. Another quiet rural experience in a show which is supposed to be about witches, but who cares?

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