Asterix2 finale, Stray Dogs, Sousei and Tanaka-kun 11

The episode gives us a nice battle along with plot-talk.
The episode gives us a nice battle along with plot-talk.

Gakusen Toshi Asterisk season 2 has a predictable finish. They have to set up a new season, after all. First we get an adorable bedside flashback with Ayato and all the girls, well, not Claudia. It’s a good thing the scene is cute because otherwise, apart from a few more details concerning Ophelia’s power and destructiveness, we had pretty much figured it out. Maybe to make it up to us, the show then concocts a dragon attack on the city, where, in a nice bit of misdirection, Ayato faces a hydra alone. Nice looking battle, primarily the reason to watch this show, and after that it’s just setting up the plot for the Gryps tournament next season.


Assuming I’ll watch. I probably will, but frankly I’m getting tired of the various festas, especially since we’re going to be meeting many of the same villains again. Ayato meeting his comatose and self-bound sister at last is more interesting, but won’t be really compelling until she stops lying there in a vat of fluid. Julis and the orphanage, not to mention her entire country, I could care less about. Claudia will be more active, which is a good thing, and we’ll have Saya, whom I find absolutely adorable, on the team. Ophelia might be interesting, same with Hilda. How much more can they squeeze out of their magical/scientific weapons and lackluster plot? Maybe I’ll find out.

One more of Saya.
One more of Saya.


Two stories for Bungou Stray Dogs 11. The first is the only one with any consequence, with the blonde Port Mafia girl, Higuchi, going through one of what seems to be many crises of confidence. Not officially blamed for not capturing Atsushi, it’s clear that someone might try to kill her soon anyway. Her subordinates don’t seem to respect her, her partner, Akutagawa, miraculously still alive, says he doesn’t need her. Why does she stay in the Port Mafia–that’s the question that comes up maybe too much. When she goes alone to rescue Akutagawa, she finds out that little of what I wrote about above is true. Rather an odd turnaround, I must say. The second half is lighter, but without so much pathos, as Atsushi goes on a case with country bumpkin Kenji, a return to the “show the partner to be an idiot and then turn around and show that he’s really awesome” stories we had before.


Sousei no Onmyouji is another episode of “training” with Subaru, and since she leaves at the end, it’s hopefully the last. Basically Rokuro and Benio have to work together to find Subaru in a game of hide-and-seek. Blind chasing at first, followed by trying to anticipate where she’ll go next, to talk about anticipating each other’s actions, leading to a Kegare fight where they are forced to do just that. It’s a good lesson in teamwork but getting there with the ridiculous chasing around got boring quick.


A weak episode of Takana-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge this week. It started well, with Tanaka’s efforts to make himself invisible so he could sleep through the class haunted house activities, only to have his non-presence backfire on him. They have some good fun with Ohta’s height, and Miyano gets to have some fun trying to be scary. And we saw more of those two sidekick boys than we have before. But they ran out of jokes to make with Tanaka being a ghost, Ohta’s own fear of ghosts didn’t work terribly well with me (apart from giving Miyano her chance to be cute, I mean scary) because it made the big laugh moment all the more predictable. Next week will be the last, so they have a chance to end on a high note.

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