Flying Witch 11 and finale, Delta 13

We get the final two episodes of Flying Witch at once. I haven’t seen episode 12 yet, but #11 is a delight.

flyingwitch11-1This is such a quiet, peaceful show that a flying whale traveling the world whose back contains the ruins of an ancient civilization … well, it IS of great interest to Akane, Makoto, and of course Chinatsu, the same way a yearly festival might be, but it only takes half the episode and the girls (including Anzu from the coffee shop) are home by breakfast. The whale has sailed away and everyone settles in for a breakfast of hotcakes. The ensuing discussion of the origin of hotcakes, by the standards of this show, almost as interesting as that giant flying whale and the speculation about the civilization that once lived on it; meanwhile the show smiles at us and doesn’t divulge any extra information. Would you like a hotcake?

A lot of flying sea creatures today.
A lot of flying sea creatures today.

The series ends in a fairly understated way. It being the final episode you expect the side characters to make a brief appearance, and so we meet Nao and Inukai as Makoto flies to the fabric store to buy materials to make new witch robes for herself and Chinatsu. The first half, in fact, is all about the robe-making, or rather, it’s about Chinatsu’s excitement over her robe. We never see Makoto wearing hers. In the second half we meet earthfish, which is exactly what you think they are, but I bet you didn’t guess they like festivals. Speaking of which, there is a festival coming up, but apart from some still shots during the credits we don’t get to see it. Too many other wonders all around.

One more of Chinatsu, putting on a spell every little sister would do given the chance.
One more of Chinatsu, putting on a spell every little sister would do given the chance.

A lovely series which was touted as being about Makoto’s learning to be a good witch but was more interested in the small, everyday magical things in the world, some of which were supernatural and some not. The pheasant is treated with the same sense of wonder as the earthfish are. Making tempura out of seasonal herbs gets as much attention as any of the spells Akane casts. Big and little things are celebrated when they come, then we say goodbye to them, until next time. They could make more of this series–we only see the family over spring and early summer, I believe. What about winter? What will they quietly welcome then? And the anime world always has more room for quiet, rural shows. Now that Flying Witch is over, what’s going to replace it?

Macross Delta 13 brought us the big battle they promised. I feel a little underwhelmed.

So, how's the battle going?
So, how’s the battle going?

Basically, Windemere shows up but Elysion takes out its amps, at least temporarily. So it looks like the good guys are winning. But then that NUNS asshole decides to set off the bomb in the ruins, destroying much of that little town, and nearly Hayate (nice save Mirage) and revealing something that doesn’t look much like ruins. The Windemere big ship connects with it, no need for amps now, and the bad guys are winning and the good guys are ordered to run away. Which they do, but not before Freyja starts muttering “rune, rune” and jumps off the edge of the stage, her song inspiring Hayate, smashing through Windemere defenses, and THEN the good guys run away.

See, when Freyja focuses, she can be really cool.
See, when Freyja focuses, she can be really cool.

Well, Gramia’s dead, so that’s something. Keith might be dead too, but I wouldn’t put it above the show to bring him back. On the other hand, the bad guys won the ruins and thus have supreme control. That’s part of the underwhelming part. Also, I’m getting tired of the cockpit cliches. Hayate hears Freyja’s voice and nearly gets shot down. Mirage reacts to something else and nearly gets shot down. I swear, the pilots on this show all seem to have an attention deficit disorder of one kind or another. Once or twice it wouldn’t be so bad, but it’s being repeated way too often for it not to get on my nerves. Ernest is about the only one there with any focus at all. I’m also tired of Freyja flaking out during a song every time Hayate’s in trouble. Get a grip, people! Sing or fight!

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