New shows Summer 2016 #3

Scared beings with a walk up dark stairs.
Scared beings with a walk up dark stairs.

Scared Rider Xechs (think “scar-red,” not scared) starts with a guy practicing guitar on a rooftop and throwing his pick over the edge in disgust, which makes another guy calling him stupid. Turns out the second guy is part of a team of Riders, who transform into silly suits to fight the enemy, who hasn’t invaded in four years so things are a little dull. Also a ditsy blonde teen who’s going to be the boy’s new trainer. And we get a uniformed woman named Okazaki initiating the transfer of a Dirigent to the Riders’ base and shooting a guy when he complains about it. Meanwhile, guitar guy, Ryousuke, I believe, has to sit out the attack that starts probably because they’re transporting the Dirigent there, because he can’t transform, only of course he does when he and the Dirigent (cute girl in a pod) are about to get blasted or taken by the aliens, who are sort of either slugs with limbs or pterodactyls, both as ridiculous as the Riders, except for their boss, who actually looks pretty cool.

The other guys in the outfit.
The other guys in the outfit.

I understand and appreciate the approach here. Rather than infodump us to death they throw in little clues as to what’s going on and allow us to tie it together, but here it’s just a mess. They manage some continuity with the bored Riders hanging out, bored out of their skulls, waiting for an invasion that may never come, and then it comes, but that’s about it. The blonde girl and, er, Fernandes, whatever the hell he was, were just distracting. Ryousuke has a chip on his shoulder and a sad past that I couldn’t care less about, maybe because he tries to play the same song over and over. Why did Okazaki shoot that guy? That’ll just make his agency even more upset than they’ll be already. And while some parts look good, the crappy monsters (known as “Nightfly O’Notes”) were terrible to look at. I suppose we were supposed to be dazzled with all the stuff they threw at us, but I was just annoyed. Pass.

So if Scared Rider tried to be smart and clever and came out looking silly, maybe Masou Gakuen HxH would looks silly and turn out to be pretty good, right?

Maybe not.
Maybe not.

We figure out during the first couple minutes, as a boy named Kizuna is sexing-up a girl named Hayuru in order to recharge her “Heart Hybrid Gear” fighting abilities, while other girls with even bigger breasts await their turn. After the OP we flash back to Kizuna entering the school (forced by his sister) even though he doesn’t have very much HHG power himself. He’s insulted by various large-breasted girls (the same in the preview) and then the aliens attack, the silver-haired Aine is knocked out of the sky, and he gets directions via intercom from his own sister about feeling Aine up so she will regain her powers.

Be fair, some of this show is actual plot.
Be fair, some of this show is actual plot.

I’m not going to say this episode was a pleasant surprise, but compared to Scared Rider it looked okay, if you can get past all the sex and those huge boobs everywhere. For one thing, the battles and the aliens look a lot better. I wonder what message it’s sending when it’s repeated that Kizuna’s own HHG abilities are subpar but the ladies don’t seem to mind, and I suspect they’ll be mining other sexual metaphors as we go along. But make no mistake, this show is all about groping women with impossibly large breasts to orgasm with some SF battling thrown in. Doubt I’ll watch another episode.

Looks like your average high school opening, but it's not.
Looks like your average high school opening, but it’s not.  She graduated.

New Game! nearly slipped past me. It appears to be about making a video game, but this time it’s not passionate kids but adult professionals. Our hero is Aoba, new recruit with the appearance of a middle-schooler, on her first day. She introduces herself a lot, gets intimidated, gets freaked out by panties and other things, is told to learn 3D, makes a few mistakes, but has a generally good time getting started with a company with no looming deadlines at the moment. I only wish the show would tell us what her exact job title is.

Aoba meets her new boss.
Aoba meets her new boss.

I’ll probably watch it because I like learning how anime and games are made, though I’m not sure the show will give me much of an education there. It’s more of a gag-related show, more Sore ga Seiyuu than Shirobako. Plus there were the panties–this show sneaks bits of fanservice in, though they keep it light and it’s usually part of a gag. Too early to tell with the characters; interesting that they’re all women. Also interesting that they stuck Aoba in a work situation where the deadlines are far enough away they can afford to relax a little. Curious to see how they’ll handle the inevitable deadline scenes. One thing worries me, though: I didn’t find it very funny. Well, it’s light and friendly, so I’ll be patient.

Looks like they didn't quite finish the opening title to Ozmafia in time.
Looks like they didn’t quite finish the opening title to Ozmafia in time.

Ozmafia stars, er, didn’t catch the name, but he gets lost in a forest on his first day at a new school, gets chased around by a guy who thinks he’s a spy, and the meets some of the faculty at the place. The end (It’s a short).


And we are told absolutely nothing about the situation, why he’s transferring there, just a bewildering speech after the credits delivered, maybe, to us the viewer, which also doesn’t explain a thing. I know it’s only four minutes, but they really ought to tell us something.

This opening shot is a little misleading ...
This opening shot is a little misleading …

Bananya is not on RC’s list, but I decided to watch it anyway.


Really, the shot there is all that happens. Bananya just hops around and says “nya” a lot while a narrator bores us. But the concept is so profound that I must watch. HAVE I FINALLY FOUND A REPLACEMENT FOR TEEKYUU?!?!?!

Momokuri opens with a shot of Momo's house.
Momokuri opens with a shot of Momo’s house.

Momokuri wasn’t on the RC list but a coworker watched it and said it was cute … Anyway, our heroes are Momo and Yuki (Kurihara … get it?). They’re a couple in middle school, or high school, not sure. They’re new to the lovebirds game and the show spends a lot of time watching them being awkward around each other. Momo really likes Yuki and tries to act older in front of her, etc. As for Yuki’s opinion of Momo …


Which leads her to cutely stalk him everywhere. Their friends all see this and think it’s cute, and I suppose it is. There you have it. A young boy falling in love with a slightly older girl who’s obsessed with him, while their friends (who often have the best lines, especially Yuki’s friend Norika) watch with amusement or bewilderment, depending on the level of Yuki’s obsession or Momo’s embarrassment. The only trouble I have with the first episode is that it moves at a snail’s pace. They seem to put an extra second between lines to make the pace drag. Hopefully they’ll pick things up when more friends are introduced. Maybe next week.

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