New shows Summer 2016 #5, the last

That city is about to get blown up.  Just a warning.
A bomb is going to land less than a second after this shot.

This time we start with Qualidea Code, where we start with everything getting blown up and two kids, one crying, one reassuring. The angelic music for the second kid was a nice touch. Flash forward to after they’re pulled out of cold sleep with new superpowers. The boy, Ichiya, is extremely talented and blowing up the monsters, but is a dick. The girl, Canaria, is still reassuring, but otherwise a ditz. Ichiya keeps saying “All we need is me!”, insulting his peers and obsessing about his ranking (#4) while the #207 guy gets the better lines. Together they, and little battalions of snipers, witches, Macross-style songstresses, and one girl with the most power but lousy aim, sort of make a mockery of a battle with an alien incursion.

Ichiya and Canaria

Well, I for one enjoyed it. The mass destruction at the beginning looked frightening, and while the mood was anything but after that I still enjoyed seeing all the different forces at work. Ichiya is annoying as hell, and I was afraid the whole thing was going to be about his supremacy in battle, but the show had fun knocking him off his pins. There’s also his unacknowledged bond with Canaria, which gives him some humanity. The other characters in his group actually have personalities, from genki to morose and in-between. For the cause, they have too much. It looks like the show’s plan is forge them into an actual team. Plus, there was one genuine laugh, when the word gets out that Tenkawa was about to “get serious,” and forces on BOTH SIDES run the hell away. Enough to keep me watching.

Clouds to start    .  There will be much more water vapor later to obscure various body parts.
Clouds to start Ange Vierge. There will be much more water vapor later to obscure various body parts.

Next is Ange Vierge and another character who likes to forge ahead in spite of teammates’ warnings, only Saya is doing it out of a lack of personal esteem and a desire to get to the next level. She’s UC now, whatever that means. Anyway, aliens show up, she forges ahead, nearly gets killed, is backed up by her teammates (introducing themselves one by one as they fight, of course), and they win. Then they discuss it in a hot tub. Meanwhile, their senpais also discuss the battle, from THEIR hot tub. Then Saya, after arguing with team leader Amane, walks off to a third hot tub. For about twelve minutes, no one in this show wears any clothes. The only reason they put them on again is a mock battle to help the UC girls get experience points. The get their ass kicked, but nicely. I assume it’s back to the hot tub after that, but we’re out of time.

The girls about to get their asses kicked.
The girls about to get their asses kicked.

Nudity aside it was entertaining enough for a first episode, and it’s an interesting contrast to Qualidea Code. Here, the characters all seem to like each other, but like Qualidea many of them are frustrated by their ranking and bicker over who gets the most chances to hack and blast the enemy. True, the characters here obviously based on a card game, but there’s a nice variety of powers at work here. The backstory, where they have to save all five dimensions from coming together and blowing up or something, is ridiculous, but as one character puts it: the enemy comes and we fight it. I’ll add that they’ll also spend a lot of time naked. Dunno if I’ll keep watching, but it’s harmless enough.

Mob Psycho 100 has a surreal opening that the rest of the episode can't really top.
Mob Psycho 100 has a surreal opening that the rest of the episode can’t really top.

Finally, it’s Mob Psycho 100, where we watch a fake psychic/con man named Reigen take the money of a stupid couple and face an evil spirit, who, it turns out, isn’t much. Still, Reigen calls in his apprentice and the story’s real hero, Mob, who easily dispatches it and gets his pay of 300 yen. Then the two go to a tunnel and meet a lot of nasty spirits. Again, Mob does all the work and Reigen takes the credit. All the while, Mob’s explosion level goes up to 27%. Now you know what the 100 in the title means. In between exorcising, we see that Mob is a pretty useless middleschooler, but his family is pretty nice.

Mob about to get eaten.
Mob about to get eaten.

The best parts are when Mob actually goes into action. The art and animation is fluid and imaginative, but that doesn’t happen very much. Plus, we spend way too much time watching Reigen try and cover up the fact that he’s a charlatan. What makes it worse is that Mob is such a naive person that he doesn’t see through Reigen, which makes me feel less sorry for this poor, used kid. Since the original work is by the One Punch Man guy, the character designs remind me of that series and make me smile. Hard to say if this show will be as good; one thing is has is the countdown to Mob’s explosion. Looking forward to that. Let’s wait and see if they bring in something that will let us see more of Mob and less of Reigen.

Did I miss anything? Well, I missed a lot, but that’s all the new shows I’m going to try this season.


4 thoughts on “New shows Summer 2016 #5, the last

  1. Ange Vierge is running on AT-X with a six-day delay, and presumably it will be uncensored. Which would make the 12-minute bath scene even more egregious.

      • I suspect that they have front-loaded the fan service just to attract attention. That’s happened many times before, where they pack a bunch into the first couple of episodes and then cut way back as they switch to story telling. It doesn’t even mean the series will be bad, though I suspect this one will be. Divergence Eve did that, and it was superb.

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