Rewrite 3, Tattoo 2-3, HxH and Bijutsubu 2

I just wrote about Rewrite 2 yesterday, so might as well get three out of the way …


I don’t know if it’s a good thing or not, but this is a busy show. In this episode Kotarou informs us all about the Harvest festival, meets a guy, apparently Chihaya’s butler, who hates him, gets on a mission to find a tsuchinoko, which they actually catch (well, Chihaya does), leading to a brief meeting with an office lady with a fishing rod, disrupts class with his buddy, sees what’s underneath Chihaya’s eyepatch, gets beaten up by Lucia twice and gets a lecture on recycling to boot, sees Ribbongirl, meets a nasty person who sets off a devil hound to eat him, but he’s rescued by someone, meets a guy named Esaka at a ramen stand, who tells him things, then the butler guy tells him he hates him again. Not to mention all of Kotarou’s forays into lust, insulting one-liners, and general supportive lines. Things never stand still in this series.


In Taboo Tattoo 2, Izzy, or Bluesey Fruesey, goes slightly against orders by not dragging Seigi to America forcefully but instead invites him to join her group, the, er, Team Blue Moon, and tells Tom that she’ll get him used to his powers before putting him in danger. Alas, the show doesn’t want to waste any time, and by the end of the episode, nice Touko is been converted into a mad killer who wants to kill him (this is what happens when you follow protagonists in violent action series around, silly girl!), Tom is maybe dead, but I doubt it, and Izzy is fighting a battle of her own with a sadist, at the loss of much of her clothing. I must say, the new ruler of that country, Aryabhata, doesn’t waste any time. This is after Izzy, of course, transfers into Seigi’s class and other high school comedy hijinks. It’s straightforward, and while I expect the good guys to counterattack quickly, it’s a credit to the series that I’m curious as to how they’ll do it. I’m betting on the rabbit.

Oh look, here’s TT 3 just down the pipe.


As I figured, the good guys beat off the bad guys, and in doing so we learned a little more about both sides. Iltutmish, the little blonde thing, was given a chance in life by that nasty princess, so now she’s a cold-blooded killer who spouts strange-logic lines about justice and what it means to her, the usual bullshit to justify her insanity, perhaps not knowing that the guy she’s fighting is actually named Justice. Iltutmish also keeps stray and hurt animals, while the show works on two concepts: “The weak must be put out do die,” vs. “The weak must be protected.” I think she’s got a moral dilemma coming up. Meanwhile, for the good guys, Touko now has a tattoo! Not sure what it does yet, but no doubt it will come in handy some day. Plus the usual infodumps, and more of Izzy’s motives for keeping Seigi a secret, even though the bad guys even know all about him. Oh, and we meet a new character who will probably die next week.


You know, I probably should drop Masou Gakuen HxH, but after two episodes of pretty much the same material I still can’t bring myself to do so. It helps that episode 2’s opening scene was maybe the funniest of the season, with Reiri, the principal, announcing to the class that the earth is in grave danger, and so Kizuna will be required to sex up all the girls in the school. This is accompanied by shots of Kizuna looking shocked, or in action with Aine, and was so ridiculous I couldn’t help but laugh. After that the girls of his squad (he’s the captain now) bicker over him in various ways, we get an infodump, and we meet the American ace, Yurishia, and then a mission to an island to get samples of something, and of course a bad guy or twelve appears, Yurishia’s power is low, and we welcome a new member of Kizuna’s harem. Now she, like Aine, sneaks into his room for some fun. Assuming we get a new girl every week it’s going to get awful crowded in there.


I’m close to dropping Kono Bijutsubu ni wa Mondai ga Aru!. Last time I said that the three characters’ traits had already gotten tiresome, but that new characters might improve things, but this week they didn’t even bother to introduce any. Instead, we got a handful of unfunny sketches with the same old group, with Subaru’s 2D love pretty much dominating things again, except perhaps for the first one, where Usami’s latest labor of love is ruined by the guys’ idiocy, and their attempts to cover it up, so to speak, made it even worse. There was a sweet bit during the missing girl scene, where he draws the girl’s mom, but then it was back to unfunny loli stuff. Bring in that new girl ASAP, or any one of the others that Usami hangs out with when she’s not wasting her time at that club.

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