Brief catching up: Kuromukuro 12-15

Kuromukuro 12 has a bit of plot at the beginning, where the bad guys think up a new evil plot, which we return to after the closing credits, with the girl with the Magneto helmet sneaking into the atmosphere with some burning debris from the ISS (what happened to it? Did the show mention?). In between we get a series of basic training scenes. Not much to say. Yukino gets stronger eventually, while Kennosuke probably didn’t need it. I wish they’d just give up on Akagi though. I was happy he broke his ankle and had to withdraw from training, so we didn’t have to keep watching him. Oh, in spite of the evidence that Ken might have implanted memories, they take his collar off anyway, and return his sword, with Yukino’s line about death being the only nod to his character we get this week. Not sure we needed this episode, really.

Geez, I wrote the above over two weeks ago!


Anyway, episode 13 has a conclusion that made all the school festival dithering worthwhile. Fully tired of watching Ken, Yukina, et al, doing your average HS festival prep scene, wondering what the “debate” was going to be all about, watching armor girl wander around the city not being conspicuous at all, wondering if that was the Mirasa the top bad guys were talking about or whether that was the purple-haired girl nursing her wounds in the forest, tapping my fingers at Jose’s stage fright business, finally armor girl makes her move and executes one of the series’ best plot maneuvers yet. Not only is Ken wounded, but he’s wounded by a woman who might be the actual princess he worshiped in the past, and if so, why is she fighting with the bad guys? … And why DO all the bad guys look Japanese? Interesting comment in an artistic format where we’re told every looks “normal,” though there plenty of foreigners at both the base and the high school …

I see the creators aren't fond of Tateyama mall.
I see the creators aren’t fond of Tateyama mall.

Episode 14 isn’t much, but it’s amusing. We get the mysterious “demon,” probably Yukina’s dad, showing up and fighting off Muetta (Yukihime), chasing her around until the story’s forgotten about him, and we learn about Ken’s almost magical healing abilities which makes him able to get into the Black Relic and battling with Muetta. It gets fun here, as we discover that the bad guys are egotistical and willing to trip up the other in order to claim the glory of the kill for themselves. In contrast, Sophie and Tom show up, and with an insight from Yukina, show excellent teamwork. I must say the GAUS pilots have improved a lot since the show began. My big question is whether Muella also went off to do all this against orders as well. Hasn’t anyone on the bad guys side ever heard of teamwork?

Hey, doctor, weren’t you in Letter Bee?

Finally, with #15 we get a break from the fighting and plot twists. Just as well, as I’m getting burned out. In terms of story, a lot of the people at the base, and their children enrolled at the high school are moving back to their home countries, including Carlos (no loss there) and Sophie (Huge loss–she’s one of the show’s best characters), though it looks like Sophie will disobey orders after a brave speech from Ken about ice cream, not that I expected her to leave. Carlos probably won’t go either, alas. Meanwhile, Yukina keeps asking what Ken will do after he rescues the princess that tried to kill him, not really considering the sheer weirdness of she and Muetta looking exactly alike. I’m more interested in the reasons for that than for Yukina’s concern for Ken. Is she an ancestor? What about her father? Oh, the show finally gets back to him, even if it’s an “I must go” and nothing more.

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