Delta 16-18, Kuromukuro 16-17

The power of, er, song.
The power of, er, song.

Macross Delta 16 and 17 are calm moments, at least in terms of battling. Instead we get the revelation, thanks to that guy, and Arad, that Hayate’s father was a nut. I can’t make it out–the father dropped that dimensional bomb on Windemere, killing lots of innocent people, but also the NUNS base. Windemerians have been pissed since then, but why don’t they take the base into consideration? Propaganda for the current war, perhaps. The father is an interesting mystery. Not only did his act go against his basic nature, so we’re told, but it’s going to affect the love triangle, and Hayate’s performance in battle. He’s going to be distracted, and so will Freyja. And they were getting so close to a romance that I wondered if the show was going to abandon the triangle altogether and leave Mirage all teary. There was that nice snow scene, and the near-confession backstage … On the bright side, the interplanetary concert was fun, especially the Windemere guys watching it and Reina’s teasing. The show is fun when Bogue gets knocked on his ass.


Episode 18 was fun to watch, but what the hell was going on? First we have Walkure and Chaos sneaking into the ruins on Voldor, told they must not delay, so naturally they stop and ruminate on things like Hayate and Freyja, Messer not being there, etc, and soon enough Freyja is captured by Cassim, who has enough doubts about this war that he’s contemplating going back to his apple farm, which gives him and Freyja plenty to talk about. Hayate joins them and soon Cassim’s showing off pics of his kid. But elsewhere Mikumo gets it in her head to sing, and things get strange.

The most comprehensible part of the battle.
The most comprehensible part of the battle.

It looks like a battle of the bands for awhile, while the machines dance overhead. First Walkure sets off some “biofolds,” or whatever they’re called, and then Heinz, more like a puppet than anything else now, sings much louder. We’re treated to different light shows among the battling planes, various characters being buffeted by some force and then getting up to sing again, Roid sitting back with a “this is all going to plan” look on his face, Hayate and Freyja make their connection (lovely bit) but go too far, Mikumo has unpleasant flashbacks, the Aerial Knights all go naked, the ruins explode or something, all the important characters faint and Hayate crashes somewhere. And I scratch my head. Who won this battle? Roid seems to think he did, and maybe he’s right. If the ruins are, er, ruined, isn’t that bad for Windemere? What happened to Heinz? Funny that “what happened to Hayate?” isn’t the biggest question I have. I should be worrying about him more.


Meanwhile, an event-laden episode 16 for Kuromukuro, much of it low-key as Muetta and Mirasa sneak into the dam facility to look for that stone. On the way they encounter Kennousuke, but interestingly enough aren’t concerned with him apart from his usefulness in getting past security. I wonder why the change attitude? And so we get a twist on this week’s theme: freedom. Sophie is being forced to go back to France, while Kennousuke argues that if this is such a free country, can’t she stay? “It’s more complicated,” she say, and points out how his loyalty to Yukihime limits his own freedom. Later, those fetters almost get him killed when Muetta has a knife at his throat, but he’s possibly saved by Sophie, working freely. As for the twist at the end, I figured the rivalry between the two girls was pettier than that, certainly not stab-worthy. I don’t believe Muetta’s dead, however; they’ve spent too much time with this Yukihime mystery to just drop it.


Meanwhile we get lots of eye-candy of the town I live in now. Above is Kansui Park …



…and its Starbucks which sometimes makes top-ten design lists. For Starbucks, anyway. I’m about a fifteen minute walk from there, and have probably sat at that table.  The park is nice, but feels too industrial, not enough trees.


This little amphitheater is part of the park. They do shows there from time to time.


Ah, shit. They smashed up Favore, the only big mall in Toyama. Everyone will have to take the train to the Aeon mall in Takaoka now …


As for episode 17, I can’t figure out this credit-taking business. The folks up in the spaceship know that both Muetta and Mirasa went down together, so they’re both going to get credit for finding that rock. Yoruba, before he got distracted and decided to go after Kennosuke (is there any discipline among the Efidolg at all?), was sent down to retrieve both girls. What was the point of stabbing Muetta? Anyway, I expected her body to get dredged up when Ken saved the cargo plane from hitting the research center, but this week they decided to put Yukina’s dad back in the picture by having him appear and attach his winged geoframe to the black relic, which is a good thing considering they were battling Yoruba’s winged one and badly needed the help. As they fight among the clouds and dramatic purple lightning we get a strange conversation about fighting demons, with a “you’re not ready yet” line added. I hope they’re going to deal more with the dad than just use him as a convenient rescue plot-toy.

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