Catching up with Qualidea Code, and Delta 19

You might have noticed that I’m on a more restricted posting cycle at the moment. Blame real life, and boredom. But I have been able to look at a couple of Summer shows since my episode 1 previews, and just now I caught up with Qualidea Code, where stuff just keeps happening.


I won’t do a post-by-post report because I was too far behind and couldn’t be bothered anyway, but my main thought after episode 4 was, wow, Canaria couldn’t buy a break, could she? First she goes to defend her beloved Ichiya as he idiotically goes off to fight the Unknown thing in the water by himself, breaking a cardinal anime rule. Only One Punch Man gets away with that. Anyway, she’s nearly killed, recovers, saves everyone again with her singing, collapses again, is finally let out of the hospital, and then we look like we’re going to get a nice confession from Ichiya, and an end to the arc, but she’s suddenly wiped out by an unknown. I was gaping as much as Ichiya was, and I still can’t quite believe it. Her abilities made her a unique character among the fighters, she was too important to the story. Frankly, the whole thing makes me suspicious.


Then episode 5 comes along, everyone saying she’s dead, Ichiya in a blue funk, everyone depressed, searching for answers. Fortunately, the show has Maihime, not only the wildest character in the show, but the only one who seems to be having any fun. She whips out several impressive speeches (Yuuki Aoi!) and fires up the students everywhere she goes, except Ichiya (for that they send in Kasumi). While the show does make sure that we see her vulnerable side, in a rather trite bawling moment, she quickly goes back to crazy, fun, and inspiring, all three at once, whenever the underlings need it. Watch as the show kills her off next week …

Why is he telling them all this?
Why is he telling them all this?

Meanwhile, Macross Delta 19 gives us a long talk by Berger, inexplicably appearing at the Chaos headquarters and telling everybody his “theory” about songs and the Protoculture, and along the way gives us a look back at the entire franchise, from Lynn Minmay to now. The look back is pleasant–the franchise has been around long enough that it can use resonance from previous series to add oomph to the current one, also a tad disturbing with Berger’s suggestion that Mikumo is not a real human, and that Lady M is planning to use music as a weapon, though the second thought isn’t new. But my big question is why Berger decided to talk to Chaos in the first place. Did Roid send him to mess with their minds? If not, did the Voldor incident make him rethink certain things? I always thought there was more to this guy than what he showed, but I still don’t know his motive, apart from profit. Oh, and I learned that “Do You Remember Love?” is 500,000 years old. I think it just seems that way.

One of Lynn Minmay, in her greatest scene.
One of Lynn Minmay, in her greatest scene.

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