Kuromukuro 18-19


I guess they figured Kuromukuro isn’t an anime unless it had a hot spring scene, or naked girls. Though come to think of it, it does have mecha, so I guess it already qualified. Anyway, we get hot springs and naked girls in episode 18 in what would have been a comic filler episode apart from the last bit, and the last bit was still comic. The evil aliens abduct the wrong girl, and Yumiko’s naked at the time–how’s that not funny? The rest of the episode isn’t bad, nice to have everyone relax and have fun, but Jose’s attempts to get attention are so pathetic that it nearly ruined it. Good thing everyone ignores him. The funniest bit for me was that even Kennosuke spots production flaws in his video.

Well, unless it's Yukina, or even if it is ...
Well, unless it’s Yukina, or even if it is …

As for episode 19, it seemed like a lot of talk to ends we already figured out. Best bit was the original hime talking to Muetta, the modern hime, unless Yukina is, about fighting demons, and I suspect that’s what everyone thinks that other alien is, who might actually be Yukina’s dad. Meanwhile, who knows where Kennosuke’s loyalties are now, and if the demon-dad shows up will he fight him? Speaking of conflicting loyalties, we have demon-dad talking with Sophie, AND Hiromi going against the UN by sneaking Kennosuke and the girl who tried to kill him onto the Black Relic. Looks like everyone is saying “screw the protocol, I’m going with my gut from now on.” … By the way, has anyone figured out how they’re going to get up to the space station in the first place?


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