Sousei 18-19, Delta 20


Sousei no onmyouji 18 and 19 stack up just the way I expected it to, except for the final ten minutes or so. In #18 it’s all training and practicing, with some of the usual moments of embarrassment at silly times. Benio has a freakout and runs off but gets a nice talk with Granny to sooth her nerves. And episode 19 is all about them getting their ass kicked, though it’s nice that they took Yuuto by surprise a couple times. I actually fast-forwarded a couple few times because it was so predictable, but more because Yuuto taunts were so annoying and took up so much time that I couldn’t put up with it.

And the episode immediately gets better.
And the episode immediately gets better.

But things turned around nicely. I wasn’t expecting much of a counterattack after Benio got her legs clobbered, but the sight of Kamui watching from a distance surprised me. So was his interference when Benio was about to get eaten, not to mention his offer to give her kegare legs, even though she might wind up using them to try and kill him. Kamui is a more interesting villain than I thought, much more interesting than Yuuto’s tiresome “I want all the power ha-ha-ha-ha!” tripe. The transformation bit was very well done, Benio almost getting devoured by Kegare hate only to hear Rokuro’s voice, and her conflicting emotions over impure desires and her simple wish to fight alongside Rokuro again. Even Kamui is taken back. Hope he doesn’t regret giving her those legs …


Macross Delta is STILL working with the fallout from the last battle. On Windemere we’re introduced to two new characters, Norman, and a new doctor for Heinz whom Keith is immediately suspcious of, and probably for good reason. With this, and Berger’s comment about how Roid’s motivations have changed, we can see at least part of the finish line, where a lot of people will team up and stop Roid from whatever evil thing he intends to do. Things are just as depressing, but more fun, on the good guys’ side, as Hayate and Freyja get into a cute “I’ll quit!” “No, I’ll quit!” sort-of lover’s quarrel, though the underlying problem is more serious. Meanwhile, the other Walkure do an adorable infiltration of the med labs to figure out what’s up with Mikuno. Again, the action is fun, but the reason is more serious.


2 thoughts on “Sousei 18-19, Delta 20

  1. I confess to watching Sousei no onmyouji on the side (when I apparently have nothing better to do) – but it’s still just barely watchable at times, largely annoying and grating. I agree that episode 19 was much improved with the appearance of Kamui and Benio’s transformation. The bar is low, though.

  2. What I liked was that before the episode Kamui was just another dull villain whose only good point was he didn’t talk as much. But giving Benio those legs, even though she might use them to kill him later, gave him an unpredictability the show needed. Plus, even his showing up was a surprise. Too bad it was such a long slog to get there!

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